10 Keys to Happiness – According to Deepak Chopra

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Thanks for taking the time to speak with us about one of our favorite topics, Dr. Chopra… happiness! To start, why do you think the experience of prolonged and sustainable happiness is so hard to come by for many people in the modern world?

People have somehow been misled into believing that happiness has its source from the outside world. Essentially, they believe that happiness is the result of success, health, and good relationships. In fact, it is the opposite. Happy people are more likey to have health, success, and relationships are likely to. Happiness is the result of finding meaning and purpose in your life, having true self esteem, being present in the moment, and having healthy emotions — such as love kindess compassion and equanimity.

Do you think the search for happiness can actually make it more elusive?

As long as we recognize that our ground state of being is happy to begin with, we will not be misled into a desperate search for happiness. Perhaps the word happiness itself is misleading and should be replaced by “fulfillment.” To be in a permanently blessed out, happy state would doom you to eternal famility. We need a little bit of discontent to activate our creative impulse.

So, instead of asking ourselves “how can I be happy?” perhaps the better question to ask yourself  is, “how can I find more fulfillment, meaning and purpose? How can I contribute to the wellbeing of others? And How can I make other people happier?”

Do you think individuals finding personal happiness will have collective benefits for all of humanity, and if so how?

Since consciousness is a field and our personal wellbeing contributes to collective wellbeing, happier people will create happier societies. More and more evidence suggests that our individual consciousness is both the result of and contributes to the collective consciousness. Also, there is evidence that consciousness is both local and non-local.

By local, I mean embodied and by non-local, I mean beyond space, time and causality. In wisdom traditions, this is referred to as the real of soul and spirit. When any attitude or behavior reaches critical mass or tipping point, it has an influence on collective behavior.

For example, if a critical mass of people at a football stadium get rowdy than all hell breaks loose and people might even burn up the stadium. The reverse is also true, when people participate collectively in meditiation and are in a state of peace and equanimity, that results in fewer conflicts in society. Theoretically, therefore, a critical mass of happiness could create a happier civilization.

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