10 Mental Tricks to Work Smarter, Not Harder (infographic)

A recent study showed that one in every three workers are completely or partially dissatisfied with the amount of stress they experience in their jobs. In the 21st century, Americans work longer hours than ever before — and that doesn’t necessarily translate to increased productivity.

What if you could get more done in one hour than you usually accomplish in three? This infographic suggests that integrating just a few simple practices can help people “work smarter” and avoid excessive hours and headaches.

For example, twenty minutes of focused work followed by a short walk to the water cooler or restroom appears to keep people more focused than just working for long bouts at a desk. Additionally, the creators of the infographic recommend waiting five minutes before responding to an email. This gives you  time to develop a well thought out answer so you don’t end up writing and rewriting as you compose it.

Check out the infographic for more tips and interesting facts about work productivity:
Work Hacks
via BestMastersDegrees.com