10 Reasons to Be Excited About Obamacare

Last week, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (better known as Obamacare) was brought before United States’ highest court. On Thursday, the Supreme Court announced that the legislation is indeed constitutional, despite Tea-Partiers’ proclamation that the bill is “an unprecedented overreach of federal power aimed at distorting the intentions of our nation’s Founding Fathers.”

While many applauded the ruling, radical conservatives were not the only group to question the legislation. CNN reported that Americans’ are divided on Obamacare: 46 percent support the SC’s 5-4 ruling , but another 46 percent disagree with it. The day the Court released its ruling, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky asserted, “Just because a couple people on the Supreme Court declare something to be ‘constitutional’ does not make it so. The whole thing remains unconstitutional.”

In a nutshell, the PPACA creates new rules around both public and private health care programs, with the goal of extending coverage to the more than 30 million Americans who cannot get health insurance because of pre-existing conditions and lack of affordable options. Opponents of the bill, however, argue that the new rules trample on the freedoms of both businesses and individuals by requiring everyone foot the bill.

So how about some facts about the legislation will actually change the state of healthcare in America as it goes into effect over the next decade?

What do you think about the new legislation? 

Infographic by The Other 98%, shared via Upworthy.