10 Ways to Create Lasting Happiness

Happiness-Hands1In my last post, I suggested that those who sought happiness during the holiday season do what Jenn Flaaa, author of the Happiness Handbook, appropriately called the “Happy Dance.” However, if this time of year and dealing with all your relatives is still making you depressed enough to take to your bed with a box of chocolates watching reruns of Family Feud — better, I suppose, than actually participating in one — perhaps you also need to explore your spiritual side. To that end, I sought advice from Louix Dor Dempriey, a spiritual master who has spent decades helping people to become happier through his seminars, workshops, and retreats at his eponymous foundation.

“Happiness is one of the things that everyone wants,” he begins,” but we are not quite sure how to get it. A big misconception is that money brings happiness. While money may help someone who is poor relieve some of his/her discomfort or suffering, it doesn’t have a lasting impact on one’s overall happiness.”

However, according to Louix, people too often search for happiness outwardly. “But they are looking in the wrong direction,” he says. “Indeed, research has shown that we must look inward in order to live a happier life.”

Makes perfect sense, right? But where does one begin? Below Louix offers Intent readers 10 easy yet powerful ways to create greater and lasting happiness in their own lives:

1.) Practice gratitude. Start and end every day by expressing gratefulness for everything in your live—including and especially for your “have not’s,” for our pain and suffering, and even for your adversaries, for these are our greatest gifts and greatest teachers. “Gratefulness is the highest form of prayer.”

2.) Practice forgiveness. This is one of the most overlooked, underutilized, and yet most powerful tools that exists for creating happiness in life. Equally as important as forgiving others is the need to forgive oneself.

3.) Develop detachment. We come into this world with nothing, and we leave with nothing (except the evolution of consciousness), so why be so attached—and ultimately miserable because of it—to all these illusory and ephemeral objects and attainments which amount to less than one blink of your soul’s eternal eye?

4.) Surrender control. The fear-based need to control others, control one’s own life, and control one’s circumstances always and only brings pain and suffering, in addition to being completely futile in the first place. You cannot push a river.

5.) Become more tolerant and accepting. We are all unique. Like snowflakes, no two humans are alike—not even identical twins. Yet we were all created as equal, and we all have certain rights and freedoms. As you allow others to express themselves as you would want that same freedom granted to you, you will find happiness growing inside yourself.

6.) Become more honest and accountable. When people stop deceiving themselves and others, when they stop living in denial and avoidance, and when they take ownership of their words, feelings, and choices, a freedom comes from this, which breeds happiness.

7.) Make time to laugh and to cry. These are two of the most powerful, healing, and liberating things you can do for yourself. Crying is anything but weak (as society purports). All crying is healing, and it alchemically eases our burdens. And laughter reconnects us to the joy that is our nature. Take time—and make time—to do plenty of both!

8.) Find Support. It is important to surround yourself and associate with those who share and support your beliefs, dreams, and visions. This will help you feel sourced, inspired, and will create a sense of belonging.

9.) Help others. Doing altruistic things, such as volunteering or helping others in selfless service brings happiness to us. It makes us feel that we are needed, we are contributing, and we are making the world a better place.

10.) Bless everyone and everything all the time. Believe it or not, the simple act of blessing everyone and truly being happy for their wins and successes brings untold blessings and happiness into your own life.

Remember to place your focus on purifying all your thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds, and you will find your path to being happier in life. “Where your consciousness goes, your consciousness grows,” concludes Louix Dor Dempriey

Now if you do both the Happy Dance and take Louix’s advice you should be more than just happy – you also should be at peace. And not just during the holiday season — all year long. Amen!!


  1. I love this post, especially take time to laugh and to cry. Crying is a normal response. we tend to see it as a weakness or a sign that we are not thinking in positive terms. I always take some time to let go of tears when I feel overwhelmed. The results are cathartic.
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