10 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Sexy

Spring is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the longer and warmer days than to restart your sexiness? Sure, it’s always fun to bust out the tank tops and flowery short skirts, but we are also talking about confidence, assertiveness and living life with more verve instead of standing in the sidelines.

Wearing kick-ass boots and femme fatale eye shadow are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ultimate inner sexiness… Now get your engines started.

1. Learn to pole dance. At a local fitness center, that is. And not for the dollar bills, honey! But for your radiant health, amazing flexibility and for the thrill of having an unconventional fitness routine.

2. Speak in public like a pro. Check out the Toastmaster’s International in your area and brush up on your public speaking skills. And this isn’t just about putting together a decent presentation at work, either. You’ll feel more confident speaking up for many other social interactions–like asking for a better table at a restaurant or bartering for a cheaper rate for your next cabie bill. Now that’s sexy.

3. Upgrade your smile. Are your pearly whites lately not so pearly white from all the coffee and wine? Give your teeth some new luster with Crest Whitestrips, which are not expensive at all and can be bought at your local drug store. More reason to be generous with your smiles.

4. Accentuate your best physical feature. Whatever great physical feature or features you have, work it! No need to hide your best assets behind frumply or outdated clothing. Show off that perfect hourglass with a cute clasp belt over a spring dress. Or those rocking legs with a pair of saucy heels.

5. Every week, experience a new location or event. Sexiness definitely is NOT stagnation. Doing new things might mean being uncomfortable, but it also means opening new doors for new and exciting opportunities–a new relationship, a new job, a new place to live. Remember, exciting people do exciting things.

6. Master that skill you’ve been meaning to learn. Sexiness is confidence. And confidence comes from competence. Pencil in a time in an upcoming free weekend to finally learn that handy skill you’ve been wanting to learn for ages. Maybe it’s changing the oil in your car. Or cooking a really mean Thai curry dish. I will admit that I need to learn how to change the tire on a car on my own and also parallel park with more confidence!

7. Schedule that long-overdue haircut or manicure appointment. Sometimes it’s the minor change that makes you feel a whole lot sexier. Pouty pink toe nails may just make you feel more inclined to wear strappy sandals and short skirts. A rocking short haircut just might be the motivator you need to chat it up with a cute stranger at a park.

8. Do a clothing / accessory swap with your friends. Doing a fashion update doesn’t mean you have to spend more money. Your friends are probably sick of their clothes and accessories as you are, so dedicate an afternoon to take advantage of each other’s excess fashion supplies. You just might end up scoring a cute top, a funky necklace and some fabulous wrap-around sandals for completely free.

9. Learn new ways to cook different vegetables. What in the world does this have anything to do with being sexy? Eating vegetables means you are taking good care of your health and maintaining a healthy weight, which is way sexier than letting it all go. Eating vegetables is so much better for your complexion than junk food. Cooking your own vegetables means you are not busting the bank on restaurant food or take-out food so you can save up some moolah for your next sexy vacation.

10. Find at least one reason to be really excited about something, every single day. Sexiness is LOTS OF PASSION! What in the world makes your heart beat faster and make you feel absolutely giddy? I don’t care if it is sex with your boyfriend, organizing a blood drive, making a big painting or scoring a great deal at a second-hand clothing store–whatever it is, find a reason to get excited about something. A vacant, mildly bored expression might only work for international print models but not for a sexy lady like you who has the rest of the world to conquer… right NOW.

PHOTO (cc): Flickr / pensiero

Originally published in 2010


  1. Great advise Yumi… I'm getting to work on my spring inner and outer sexiness right away!