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Don’t Ask What is Wrong With Them, Ask What is Wrong With Me

Read all the comments on my previous posts dealing with hospitals.. to me it all goes back to what was written in the first post: taking responsibility..

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Looking with one’s heart

If the first lesson was on assuming responsibility the next one would be learning to look with one’s heart..

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Assuming Responsibility

As I sat deciding what to write in the very first post on this rather daunting blog, I browsed through it and was touched by the title of Mallika’s book: 100 Promises to My Baby.

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World Good News Day

In the last few years, everytime I go through news… either in the newspapers or on television, I discover that news all over the world means bad news.

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Dissent at Home, as Abroad, for Colas

Farmers in rural India and students in American universities may have more in common than it would seem.

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