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There Is Something About India

Read mallika’s come back blog.. and her raves – barring the airport – about her trip..

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Agnihotra: Communing With Nature

In the complexity of rituals that surround us and often lose their intrinsic meaning, I recently got introduced to agnihotra by a friend. 

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No Guarantee

Without transparency, the law cannot assure employment to the needy

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That Man

Last week I was shooting for a comic scene for one of my films and the doctor, who was doing some tests on someone that I am very close to, informed me that he has cancer of the urinary bladder.

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Unlikely Classrooms

I remember that one of the persons I cut off my ‘social’ list was the one who declared smuggly.. "I know all.. and do not need to learn anything, anymore’ How pitiable he looked!

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