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On Creating Love

Focus on pleasure. Take a break, t

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On Romantic Destiny

Your romantic life can change in a moment. One insight, one meeting, one subtle s

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Dads (and moms) are often frustrated by the

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Stretch and Release the Hamstrings

The hamstring muscle group, along the back side of the thigh, is an
area of the body that can become very tight. Here

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On the Importance of Rituals

I cannot stress enough how important rituals of passage are, especially at

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On How Telepathy Can Help your Love Life

Telepathy is often experienced consciously by people as little coincidence

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Why Hillary Clinton Should Be Elected President of the United States

These difficult and dangerous times call for someone who, having already experienced the realities and challenges of living in the White House and working in the Senate, is now inspired by the d

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End the Suffering in the Middle East

The people of the Middle East are suffering again as militarists on
all sides, and cheerleading journalists, send forth missiles, bombs and

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The Amorality of the Free Market

Greed, one of the seven deadly sins, is seen as a major factor in the
housing market crash and the oil price spike. Can greed ever be
justified morally or religiously?

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Between Men, Between Women

A few months ago, a male friend of mine asked me to dinner. Not
having anything better to do that day except run a magazine, balance my

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