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Inspiration on Demand

I finally started working on my book. It’s been a while since I first came up with the idea, about a year and a half actually.

I have realized recently that I have enough material from all the blog posts I’ve written over last several months to put it all together and produce one comprehensive story.

Full of excitement and eagerness I sat down to my computer only to find that writing a book is quite a different story from writing on the blog.

My posts aren’t thought out, prepared, pre-calculated. My posts come from a moment’s inspiration, from a stray thought that shows up in my head and allows me to see an aspect of reality in a different light. When I write my posts I don’t think and analyze. I open to what it is I want to say and I type. The ideas, feelings, perceptions, translate themselves into words and show up on the screen.

It isn’t as easy with a book, I thought. There needs to be a structure and an intention larger than just one or two pages of ideas. And yet when I sat down to write the introduction I found that unless I write the same way I write my blogs it simply doesn’t work. If I write with my mind, try to analyze, explain, convince, then what I write is empty and soulless and the whole process is utterly frustrating.

I was finishing the introduction for my book today and I observed myself going through the motions of being caught up in my mind


(I create controversies wherever I may go, since I believe that the best way to start a passionate debate is to whip up a controversy and the ensuing debate, which follows will bring some clarity to the whole issue being debated. I pray that the readers of this post may indulge in a healthy debate and not indulge in mud slinging of any kind.)

What has stirred me to make this post is not something I talk about too often. My earlier attempts at discussing this in various other fora were disasters, as the people who listened to and read what I was trying to say didn

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