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On Halloween A Serious Thought About The Truth.


We often hear “we are all looking for the truth”. How can we say that when so many of us so blatantly deny the truth? Throughout history humans were sure of the existence of a thousand gods. These gods, we thought, were able to suspend the laws of nature whenever we ask them to do so with our prayers.


Today we seem to be down to a few jealous dictator Gods, they are still supernatural and are still telling us how to live and behave. But what if there is only one God and he is of the natural variety. He is emotionally unsatisfying and it does not make much sense to pray to the law of gravity.


Rather than trying to prove who is right and who is wrong, why not start looking for some common ground? Yes it is very difficult since reason is based on evidence and faith is based on – well – faith, but shouldn’t we give it a try?


There is at least one crack in the armour and is Pantheism and Buddhism. They both seem to espouse truth and reality as they really are rather than what we like them to be.


Pantheism – a philosophical doctrine that identifies God with the universe and the laws of nature.

Buddhism – enlightenment obtained through the right conduct and wisdom and through meditation which releases one from desire, suffering and rebirth.

Sex Transmutation and Napoleon Hill

Ever heard of Think and Grow Rich? It’s a quaint bestseller, published during the Great Depression and now available free. Written with the support of billionaire Andrew Carnegie, it is said to have sold 30 million copies. It was one of the first self-help books for harnessing the mind–a forerunner of "The Secret."

Curiously, author Napoleon Hill devoted an entire chapter to, "THE MYSTERY OF SEX TRANSMUTATION." Sexual desire, he explained, is a powerful force that fuels genius and abundance…when a person learns to use sex (1) lovingly with a mate, and (2) without dissipating sexual energy purely to ease physical urges.

Was his advice based on the morals peculiar to his time or was he pointing to a deeper truth? Today many of us think the prime benefit of sex is the release of sexual tension. Yet historically, sages taught that redirecting sexual desire could actually strengthen us from within, thereby enabling us to meet goals more easily. Here’s what Hill had to say:

Ignorance on the subject of sex transmutation forces stupendous penalties upon the ignorant on the one hand, and withholds from them equally stupendous benefits on the other.

The desire for sexual expression is inborn and natural. The desire cannot, and should not, be submerged or eliminated. But it should be given an outlet through forms of expression which enrich the body, mind, and spirit of man. If not given this form of outlet, through transmutation, it will seek outlets through purely physical channels.

Transmutation of sex energy calls for more willpower than the average person cares to use for this purpose. Those who find it difficult to summon willpower sufficient for transmutation may gradually acquire this ability.

The intriguing thing about Hill’s ideas is that readers can make their own experiments and evaluate results. What exactly did Hill propose? He believed we tend to overdo it sexually, and there’s some support for his conviction. Here’s a taste of his fiery rhetoric:

No man can avail himself of the forces of his creative imagination while dissipating them. Man is the only creature on earth which violates Nature’s purpose in this connection. Every other animal responds to the call of sex only in "season." Man’s inclination is to declare "open season."… The lives of many reflect a continued dissipation of energies, which could have been more profitably turned into better channels. Their finer and more powerful emotions are sown wildly to the four winds.

Sex, alone, is a mighty urge to action, but its forces are like a cyclone–they are often uncontrollable. When the emotion of love begins to mix itself with the emotion of sex, the result is calmness of purpose, poise, accuracy of judgment, and balance.

Hill notes that most men don’t discover the hidden potential in sex, if they ever do, until they are at least thirty. But if they do, step back!

It has the effect of lifting the individual far above the horizon of ordinary thought, and permits him to envision distance, scope, and quality of thoughts [otherwise] not available.

Incidentally, a new study seems to confirm that loving feelings indeed spur creativity. A few weeks ago a single guy–who was apparently curious what would happen if he cut back on frequent masturbation for an extended period–reported:

I’ve just realized something. When I was using porn frequently (really frequently, by the way) women just all seemed like "objects" to me. I only saw them in a sexual light and no other. I never asked myself, "I wonder what she’s thinking" or "I wonder what she’s feeling." I think ejaculating so much just made me insensitive. Now things are SO different, other people matter and their feelings matter. Before, if I saw an attractive woman, the thoughts that would race through my head were all from watching porn. It’s like porn had "conditioned" me to see women a certain way. Now all women seem attractive to me, I can see the beauty in all of them, and honestly, I see that beauty in men too. It seems weird, but I seem to learn so much quicker than I did before. Another strange thing is that my intuition is much better now. I’ll be listening to the radio and I just know what song is going to come on next. Or I’ll be thinking of a song, and as soon as I turn on the radio or walk into a store, it’s playing – little things like that. I can also tell how others are feeling very quickly. It’s like I feel it too.

What about employing Hill’s ideas with a new partner? The same guy just wrote:

No orgasm was experienced, something much more satisfying and longer lasting occurred. We had an erotic shower together first. In the bedroom we spent lots of time kissing and exploring each other’s body. We then massaged each other. It was just wonderful. I felt so energized, giving and receiving. When I entered her, my intent was to concentrate on how everything felt rather than anyone’s orgasm. We found a slow and continuous rhythm. Whenever I got close I slowed down to focus on touching and kissing. This carried on for almost an hour and eventually it got to a point where I remained still inside of her and we just stroked and kissed each other. There was no peak; we enjoyed roaming in the "valleys." Both of us felt so healed. Afterward we just could not stop chatting about EVERYTHING. Even now, I feel so content.

A contemporary of Napoleon Hill, Dr. J. William Lloyd, observed something very similar about this same practice, which he called karezza. (For details, see Lloyd’s book, also available for free.)

In successful Karezza the sex-organs become quiet, satisfied, demagnetized, as perfectly as by the orgasm, while the rest of the body of each partner glows with a wonderful vigor and conscious joy…tending to irradiate the whole being with romantic love; and always with an after-feeling of health … and well-being. We are most happy and good-humored as after a full meal.

Could profound contentment be an ideal mindset for attracting wealth? Certainly my husband and I have experienced a surprising flow of abundance since we began employing this practice of frequent intercourse without the goal of orgasm eight years ago. Our theory is that by passing up that "I’m done!" feeling, we don’t trigger a subconscious sense of lack during the recovery period that follows sexual satiety. Instead we enjoy lingering feelings of wholeness.

Perhaps this is the mystery that Hill attempted to share with readers. If so, careful management of sexual energy leading to deep feelings of satisfaction might be especially shrewd during today’s recession.

Maybe our increased flow of abundance is purely coincidental, but just in case it isn’t, you may want to make Hill’s experiment yourself for a few weeks.

Being In The Flow Is “No Sweat”

October 31, 2009

Dear Friends,

Since it has been all over the national news lately, most of you are probably aware of the tragedy that recently occurred here in Sedona during a sweat lodge ceremony. During this event, two people died, about twenty others became seriously ill, and a third person died later from her injuries. (For more information about sweat lodges, click here.)

Usually, a sweat lodge is reasonably safe, because the person in charge of this sacred ritual continually monitors the well-being of the participants, and allows anyone to leave the lodge if they are experiencing severe, physical discomfort. Although the leader of this particular sweat lodge did not physically restrain anyone from leaving, one survivor of the ordeal claims that those who did attempt to leave—or complained about their distress—were encouraged to “push through it.” In other words, it sounds like the lodge leader encouraged them to endure their discomfort, to persevere, and to literally “sweat it out.” The results of that attitude proved disastrous.

No doubt there are many lessons that can be learned from this sad turn of events. What it immediately brings to my mind—and is pertinent to the focus of my work—is the importance of knowing the difference between “flow” and “force” when it comes to pursuing your chosen destinations in life. When you ignore the divine flow of life, and choose, instead, to push ahead and force your way forward, there can be undesired consequences.

That’s not to say that being in the divine flow always feels completely comfortable. In fact, there may be times when the divine flow will purposely invite you to step out of your personal comfort zone. But if you look closely at what your personal comfort zone is, you will see that is usually a “box” that was artificially created by your own personal history and conditioning . . . and it feels good to finally move beyond that limited—and limiting—space.

It appears, though, that the leader of this lodge was doing far more than asking people to move beyond their personal comfort zone. He was inviting them to tolerate extreme discomfort, and encouraging them to ignore what their bodies were trying to tell them. There are physical limits to what the body can endure, and to what the body can do. And even though professional athletes are continually stretching those boundaries, those expansions happen very gradually, and in very tiny increments.

Friends, there are going to be plenty of times in life when you will run into a formidable obstacle that seems to be blocking you from reaching your desired destination. And there will probably be well-meaning people around you who will encourage you to “push through it.” In those times, just remember to refrain from acting hastily, and—through prayer, meditation, or contemplation—try to discern if the next step that you are considering taking feels “fluid” or “forceful.”

Remember that being in the flow is not about taking a step just because you can. It’s about attuning yourself to divine guidance, and taking the step that you are being divinely directed to take . . . a step that is usually a tiny, little, baby step—one that is right in front of you, and relatively easy to do.

Remember that being in the flow is not about forcing your way through an obstacle. It’s about flowing around that obstacle, or sometimes—through the power of divine love—watching that obstacle dissolve right before your eyes.

In other words, remember that being in the flow is not about sweating it out. It’s about the grace and effortless ease you experience in life when all of your decisions and all of your actions are divinely inspired.

Do you have a particular goal or dream that you are pursuing right now? Then why not allow the divine flow to lead you to your desired destination. About the hardest thing you will have to do is exercise a little patience. Other than that, getting there should be . . . well . . . no sweat.


© 2009 by Steven Lane Taylor
Author of Row, Row, Row Your Boat:
A Guide for Living Life in the Divine Flow

Whiskey Glasses and Cigarette cases…..

Of whiskey glasses and cigarette cases;
of sand dunes hurricanes and dusty storms;
of shimmering crystals and dusty destinations;
The talks are endless about this and that….

Of love lost and hate won;
of life’s prose and minds cons;
of the wayward paths and luck personified;
of the soul less regime and the heart dignified;

Of the red wines and the cold mountains;
of that one smile and the countless bluffs;
of the eternal promises and broken handcuffs;
Theres talk like never had before…

The leaps taken
the turns missed
Of the exorcised wishes
of the endless baits and the fishes
Of Stuff unsaid; of emotions and dreams;
the unending saga of the nightmares and the screams….

The little hermit and the scandalous streets;
of the devil within and angelic creaks;
Of people together and souls apart;
characters assassinated and truth scarred;
That one tear and the glistening face……

Of whiskey glasses and cigarette case…..


     Our first step in meditation consists in extending our emanating consciousness by projecting our consciousness into the consciousness of another person; for example your spouse or one of your children then imagine what it would be to be this person.
     Soon, we discover that this step has two steps: I see that person through his/her eyes. Now I begin to experience the world through his/her eyes, but also feel his/her emotions as well as the way this person sees the world.
     Now the second step: I see myself through the eyes of that person. I see myself through the eyes of that person. How amazing! Like an actor in a wonderful performance. This exercise indeed widens our self-image. For the first time we start to understand many things fully. It is similar to an out of body experience. Let’s imagine when we have done this several times. We would get a many-faceted appreciation about us. Eventually, with more practice we will think of our consciousness has been extended and being dissolved in the infinity of Divine Consciousness. Many mysticism students are afraid of becoming Jesus Christ’s supreme consciousness, but that can be done without committing a sacrilege, we even can experience the immense love our Divine Master has for us! To experience the consciousness of our own consciousness! ; In other words, to experience Divine Consciousness.
  So we can discover ourselves mirrored in other people and the other people mirrored in us, and then more and more people mirroring each other until you reach what the Sufis call Aina Khana, which means the Palace of Mirrors;  At last, we are  beginning to know ourselves. And we’re beginning to know others through our knowing ourselves through their perspective.
Azokatta = Amorifer-alden


     To develop our spirituality is much easier than most people think. What are the reasons for this statement? Well, first of all that we are spiritual beings first and human beings second. As human beings we just to cooperate with the enlightening, vital and loving cosmic forces immersed in our spiritual beings.
   Our first action is to understand fully all our physical perceptions in order to create a reliable working framework which will help us translating these impressions into spiritual impressions and high vibrations into slower vibrations belonging to our physical consciousness, our objective mind
    What few people are able to realize is that our vision, specifically color perception is much physic than physical. Still black and white photography is easier to grasp objectively than still color photography. The same applies to black and white movies versus color movies; although the black and white movies with an appropriate musical background were very difficult to forget because musical notes are detected as colors by our subjective mind.
 Unforgettable color films have succeeded because their music reinforced such colors. I know you have pleasant memories from such movies de to their wonderful music, colors make our total memory to work and develop. Our self induced state of amnesia finds some wonderful channels of expression. So, we need the useful help of our intentional thinking to reinforce our meaningful learning. In other words some time must spend for at least a year to see undeniable positive results. It is us who need to be convinced. Both minds; objective and subjective. These minds must become best friends to change valuable information between them as a daily habit in order to appreciate results. How funny is that these cold facts make our emotions develop an increase of our sharpness of our five senses plus the use more often of our creative imagination along with our intuition? We start understanding painters, photographers, movie directors and people in advertisement. My students and I have discovered that by watching the first scenes of any movie, we immediately know how good the movie will be. We have even appreciated the work of good secret agents. Yes, a very special mental training is required; a training which in the length of a year you will be totally convinced of its effectiveness. So more useful training will follow for at least a couple of years more.
 Please feel free to ask for more.


     Man has the supreme gift to evolve from the limits of his physical body which is considered individual, separate, egoistic existence to an eternal, infinite, universal unity which his inner self; his true nature, his soul personality is, so when man does cooperate to accomplish this endeavor then we can call him a true human being. The seed that God planted in his soul at last is blooming fully! What a beautiful human being who deserves God’s Supreme Blessings!
 I invite to read this as you sit comfortably without tension and being attentive. Please repeat the following affirmation as they were eternal truths belonging to the wisdom of your master within:
    “I feel very intensely in my chest the wonderful peace and harmony of the universe!”
     “The high spiritual qualities of our universe descend and surround my integral being. This action allows me to experience an amazing planetary consciousness”
 “I am a being of light in the starry lit universe!”
 “Every meditation brings me nearer to this consciousness of God.”
 It is time to become every part of our universe by embodying the power of our Father sun, the wonderful mental properties of our friend the moon, the amazing healing and wisdom of the planet mercury, the energy of the planet Mars, the mysticism of Venus, the transmuting power of Saturn, the fantastic dreams of Jupiter; And to feel the great love for us of our mother Earth.
   When we experience this unity of planetary cooperation with Father Sun, we are able to understand that our sun has always been a sacred symbol we realize that we’ve always been part of the Unity. We understand our solar consciousness.
      It is time to experience galactic consciousness by being aware that billions of galaxies join ours in sharing light, sound, and power as they pass through each other, collide with each other, are pulled into each others orbits, are propelled away from each other, go nova and dissolve, and get absorbed and reform as they orbit the infinite regions of space in an eternal cycle of birth, activity, dissolution, and recreation.
   Once we have mediated and felt some peaceful moments and at the same time enlightened experiences that energize our beings at all levels is when we realize that we have never been alone. We have always been a vey important part of this Divine Light.
       This light generates healing heat and this healing heat generates permanent life. So, if we visualize ourselves in perfect balance between Haven and Earth we soon will become a perfect loving light which will be a blessing for our fellow men, the sacred animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.
    Feel free to add some of your insights. Remember that we all are connected in a highly mental-spiritual harmonious manner.
Your mystical loving brother


     A few nights ago experienced an amazing dream. A few days later I was able to discover its fascinating meaning. This is the reason you are now reading this humble contribution to our spiritual development.
 I saw every human being made not of flesh and blood; instead it was like made of crystal. What I discovered that most crystal bodies were very stained so, the divine loving light was trapped inside these crystal temples. There existed a lot of emotional-mental-spiritual poisoning forming layers of harmful toxins. Toxins self-created as created by others. Then, it occurred to me that we were light bulbs in different shapes and sizes. But this light couldn’t illuminate our lives due to the dirt accumulated trough time.
   Another wonderful insight stared to be created in my imagination. I realized that the more spiritual any human being becomes the intensity of its light increases. The light creates a certain amount of heat. Heat is related to the element fire and fire has proven to be an excellent purging element. The air we breathe is another cleansing element. So it is by taking very deep breaths that we also help to clean up these crystal temples. We need the water element. Ancient man used the morning dew to purify our physical body as well as our spiritual body. Man has always gathered some of this dew to wash his face and hands and he has poured some of it on his head to penetrate this condensed cosmic energy in his body. The highly energies from our universe is in every drop of this dew. Ancient man also used to burn small pieces of wood and then eat its carbon. Carbon would symbolize the element Earth. We only need the fifth element. Its source is from a divine origin, so only God can supply it. By praying and by mediating we keep an intimate connection with our SOURCE.
   Now, we don’t have excuses for not doing our best not to change our body, but to allow it to manifest all the wonderful wisdom and beauty from our immortal soul personalities. Another added value is not to see the outer appearance, the crystal temples, but the divine light inside them. We all share this loving healing light. Let’s bow to our divine source. We are mirrors.
Thank you!
Azokatta = Amorifer-alden
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