2/21/09 Love from the GFL, and The Kingdom/Company of Heaven “The Healing Begins with YOU!”

Pre-First Contact Information of the Highest Velocity Light Understandings of Truth.
This is the Silent, and Now Revealed Evolution, The Liberation of the Soul, The Liberation of Humanity after being enslaved for 13 Millenia.
“ The Healing Begins with YOU”, To Help heal your Brothers and Sisters you Must Heal yourself completely First.
“This is the Age of Empowerment”
Barbara Streisand “Lessons to be Learned”

[ We, Father God, I and Your First Contact Ground Crew, will be Hosting a Live Chat at 8:00pm Mountain time on February 22nd in our Social Network Ning Site. Everyone is Welcome, See you there, here is the link http://gflcentral.ning.com/ ]

“We Highly Recommend, as You Read this Message, and this goes for all of our Messages, if they do not Bring you JOY, you need to look at why? Because if you are resistant or bucking them, its bringing up something within you, that needs to be looked at. Resistance is always EGO, embracement and acknowledgment is always LOVE.”

Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Away Team of the Royal Fleet, The Kingdom/Company of Heaven, From Galactic Central. WE are Your Family of Light from the Stars, The Celestial, The Elohim. We are Your Earth Allies, Here on your Behalf to assist you in True Awakening and Your True Freedom. WE are the Ground Crew For First Contact, and Present in the Physical Manifest is US, Mother and Father God, Your Parents of Creation, Here to Honor you as You Awaken into the Love you Truly are, Equal TO US, For Love is always Equally SO. Thank you for Honoring that We are Here with you. Today is again another Message, of the Highest Truths on the Planet!

“The spiritual ego is very subtle for most of you, unless you are out of illusion. It can look just like Love, we call that a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Mother and Father God
Parable- “ You can give a man a Fish, and it will feed him for a day. But if you show a man how to Fish, He can eat for a Lifetime, and Feed his family.”
“True Healers, Empower others to Heal themselves, through healing themselves, providing the information, and by being the example of Love themselves.” Mother God

Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles and Many Synchronostic Events. [Synchronostic Events only occur in True Reality, and can Provide you Information from your Angelic Teams, that are always around you. All you have to do is ask and the LISTEN] Today is Saturday February 21st, 2009. As we Move Forward in the Divine Plan that is Unfolding, we are Moving faster and faster, as the Information of High Velocity Light pours ever increasing into Planet Earth. Higher Thoughts are Energy and once they enter into the Higher Grid, also enter the One Consciousness, this vibrates within all of Creation, ATOMS, into Manifestation. This is why you have heard the Statement “Change your Thoughts, change the Planet.” This is True, The Higher thoughts Always Support the Greatest Good of the ALL. Whatever supports the Greater Good of the ALL, IS Love. Love is Real, and Thus Love is what Manifests. This is why Love is an Unstoppable Energy, and is Spreading like wildfire across this Planet. Today,we are going to Discuss a Hot Topic about the Truth on Healing. It is impossible to truly “Heal” another. Your Spiritual ego may think this is a good idea, because it promotes “power over”. By “healing” another, you are really just taking their power away and making them weak. We will discuss this in more detail, further in the message. Also Today, we are Going to Reveal the fantasies that stall your Progress along your path back into the Light. WE ALSO WOULD LIKE TO GIVE A WARNING TO ALL LIGHTWOKERS, SPIRITUAL EGOS ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS TO YOU, because THEY CAN APPEAR TO BE OF THE LIGHT. An indicator you can use is that they will try to use words such as: I do not judge, but…also through their opinions, scoffs at the Truth, ignoring the Truth, and saying I Love Everyone Unconditional, and then provide reasons about the Truth that does not apply to them. There are several, and we are Just asking you to Be Aware of them. ALL egos, spiritual and otherwise, have lost their power and are Now going to Do a Final Attempt to hang on to and hide their illusions and fantasies. If you have any questions about this you can email US at MotherGod@gflcentral.org and we can assist you. WE will also discuss the Ships and Crew, and How Close we are to the Landings, But we NEED YOUR HELP in Many ways, to accomplish this..

“ WE are Here to provide you with the True Information, to Empower you to Heal yourselves.” Mother and Father God, and Your First Contact Ground Crew Team
“Part of the past for you, was setting up karmic interactions. The karma is over, just as the dream and the game are now over. Loving Each other and being the Love you are, is Being in the Present Moment of Now, which is all that NOW EXISTS, all else is an illusion.” Mother and Father God

So lets Begin with Today’s Definitions…
Reveal- To Disclose, make known, to show, to bring into view, expose, unveil. Example- We are here to Reveal, the Absolute Highest Truths on Planet Earth=Heart, that have been kept from you for over 26,000 years.

Exponentially- one that defines, expands, or interprets. One that speaks and represents, any number or symbol of 3, as a Symbol of 3 raising the power. Example- Creation Expands Exponentially, such as the Truth of the Holy Trinity. Father/Mother/= Son or Daughter.

Velocity- At Rapid Speed, the Magnitude of the Speed of Thought, Via Truth Information, that moves within Creation. Example- We Provide Information at High Velocity. Higher Thought always Moves Up and Forward Continually, just Like Creation.

Team- Any group organized to work Together, to join together in a Common Purpose. A Group working together, for the Greatest Good of the ALL. Example- All of Humanity was born in this Lifetime, to Be a Part of Creation’s/Love’s Team, To Awaken, and then Awaken all your Brothers and Sisters. WE are ALL one Family and Therefore all ONE TEAM.

Empowerment- To enable. Example- This is the age of Empowerment, meaning taking Back your Power and Standing within the Love, Light, and Truth of Who you Really are. You are also Here to Empower others, by Being the Love you are. This gives them Permission to Be the Love they are.

Powerless- Lacking strength or power, helpless, non-effective. Example- In the old paradigm, the So called Healers had a fantasy they could heal others. By healing others, you make them powerless and weak, and judge them as if they are unable to heal themselves.

Powerful- Effective, Great, Potent. Example- You are In Truth and in True Reality, Powerful Beings of Love, Light, Brilliance and You are God.

Benefit- Anything that Promotes, enhances well being, to Improve. Example- The Highest Truths we share with you, are a Benefit to you and Your Own Self Healing.

Heal- To restore to Health, Cure, to set right, to restore, to Become Whole and Sound. Example- Your responsibility in your True Awakening is to Heal Yourself, and then by Being a Healed Being, you can then, Just By Being the Love you are, Heal your Brothers and Sisters, by Example.

Revelation- Something Revealed, an act of revealing something not previously known or realized, a Manifestation of the Divine will and Truth. Example- You receive from US, The Highest Revelation on Planet Earth=Heart, THE TRUTH.

“ Are We Observing all of Humanity? Yes We are. Father God and I Represent the ALL SEEING EYE, this is why they Reference US as the “EYE OF RA”. Our responsibility to you, is To Step Forward Always in the TRUTH, this is because of our Love for You and all of Creation, and this is really all that is REAL.

Today, we are here to Discuss some of your Roadblocks that we are observing as you walk along your Path back into the Light. Many of you have developed fantasies about the Light, The Truth, and The Real Reality. We call these spiritual egos, and as we have stated “spiritual egos” are the most dangerous along your path. They are extremely tricky, and very subtle. They pretend like they know it all already, when in Truth, why would a Seeker of the Truth ever claim to know it all already. How fun is that? Real Living is Living in the Moment, always Brand New, there is always more, for this is Creation. So with this understanding, why would you want to know it all? The Difference between those out of illusion and those still with spiritual egos, is that one Givers Power with, which is Love, and one dresses up the old paradigm using power over offering you quick fix solutions, which leaves you powerless. These fantasies will stall your progress into your True Awakening. No one else, but you, can accomplish the work it takes for your True Awakening. There is no quick fix, no easy way out, as we have said the only way out is through. Those suggesting they can heal you, are fooling themselves and fooling you. The only Person=Being you can Heal is yourself. Even I Mother God, had to do all the Work, kept making the conscious Choice of Love, and was a Process for me to Completely Awaken from out of illusion. It did not happen overnight, nor will it for you. It took Courage, Persistence, Strength, and the understanding that I was Grander then any illusion or fantasy. To me Love was worth it all. Every Moment, has to be a Moment Where You Choose Love in Every Moment. You each have an Angelic Team at your Beck and call, all you have to do is ask, and they are over willing to assist you, they have missed you as well while you were in illusion. They will assist you, but if you are not open, you will be unable to hear them.

“Since you are in True Reality, Indestructible Consciousness, Awakening is actually the Only True Healing that can occur, everything else just feeds illusion and fantasy.” Father God

The work of Healing has to begin with you, and you alone. You are the one that has to heal yourself. This is the True Reality. The old paradigm of power over no longer works, and the New Paradigm is Now all that will work. The New Paradigm is Power With. Power with is Love, only Love can Make a Being Strong, because Love Supports the Total Healing, and allows the Being to Heal themselves. This Empowers the Being making them Strong and Compassionate. This supports the all and the ONE. A True Healer is able to Heal themselves, and with this Strengthens the Healing of the One within the ALL. In Attempt to heal another means you have judged the other as being weak and unable to heal themselves. WE are in an Age, called the Age of Empowerment. What this Means is Power with Others Equally. To Truly help another Heal, you empower them to Heal themselves. We are Your Examples of Empowerment, and Power with. We have the Ability to Provide you with the Highest Information of Truth, which does not interfere in your choices. WE cannot interfere in your healing process or choices. All we can really do to Benefit you the Most, is to give you the Highest Truths and Understandings, so that you can make your choices for yourself. We only provide you the Information, to Help you. This is POWER WITH, and This is True Unconditional Love, which is the True Equality.
“Only Love knows what the being needs to be fulfilled” Father God

“Each of US on the Planet are actually here, to share Energy with each other, and Empower Each other through Equality. Not to steal, judge or take Energy from each other” Mother and Father God

Whenever a so-called “healer” attempts to heal another, they are confirming the illusion of the other’s Powerlessness, instead of reaffirming their ability to heal themselves. What they do is actually use the old paradigm of power over, by saying to you, they can heal you, but you are not able to Heal yourself. The bottom line is that if you are trying to heal another, you are assisting them in being weak and Dependant [you must look at your motivations for wanting to heal another, because this is an indicator, that something inside you needs to be healed, usually it’s spiritual ego]. While The True Reality of Real Healing is to assist them into the Love they are, assist them in becoming the True Strength of True Awakening into all Love is. Allow us to ReHeart you, you are Powerful Beings of Brilliance and Light. You are Actually Great and Powerful Beings Of Love. You have within you the same Powerful Light, Love, Brilliance, as Father God and I, For in True Awakening we are all Equally Brilliant, because We are ALL ONE. Your powers however, cannot be restored to you until you heal and Awaken from out of the dream. Overcoming ones challenges is truly what Makes the Being Strong. Your Higher selves are always the ones in charge so to speak, of the Manifest self. If the Higher self wanted the lower self to be healed in the manifest it would be, however, we are all Here in the Human Condition together, this means We Heal and Awaken Together, through our inner strength and perseverance. This is what True Equality is, WE are ONE!

“If you really want to Help others on the Planet, help them discover the Love they are, by Being the Love you are. This is Honoring and Respecting yourself and them. This is the Highest Expression Possible of True Healing on the Planet and for all of Humanity.” Mother and Father God
“Share the Love you are, this assists in your own Healing, the healing of others and the Planet. Be Love and say Love” Mother and Father God

Empaths, which in Truth is what all Human Beings are, feel the pain, and want the pain to go away, but until they have embraced all of their own pain and transcended it, they will be unable to help others. Only when their own pain has been transcended, will they be able and ready to share with You and all of Humanity the Highest Velocity Energies of Truth, which is the Life force Energy with the Grid=the One Consciousness, this is the High Velocity Reality. This is when you Reconnect to Who you Truly are, and the Reconnection to Source. Once the Empath heals themselves of the pain, then and only then are they a true benefit to themselves and to others. Then they no longer have the need of power over.

“You have not had these kinds of The Highest Truths in over 26,000 years. We Love you, this is why we are Here, working on your behalf, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, not even in your slave jobs to the Illuminati, do you work this hard. This is How much you mean to US, for We are all ONE, We are dedicated to you, your Awakening and your Total Healing.” Mother and Father God

“A person=Being is only Totally Free when they Let go of Everything that appears to interfere in their FREEDOM. Through TOTAL Surrender of all Attachments the Being gains Complete Freedom. Freedom to Be Creation. Being Completely Free, then can you help your Brothers and Sisters, Be Free to Be who they Are” Mother and Father God
Personal Prayer to use, to assist you in letting go of all attachments…
“ Right Now, Today, I Let go of Everything that no longer serves me or the ALL, for the Greatest Good of the ALL.”
“Allow this to be any spiritual ego, you have left, let it go, and Step into your Destiny” Mother God
“If you want to be in service, Help Humanity Awaken, by awakening yourself.” Mother and Father God
Barbra Streisand “Holy Ground”

“The Biggest illusion that others have is their unconsciousness experience of powerlessness, which then the being tries to fill up with power over. “The force” we speak of, is an example of power over. Power with is not power over. Power with is True Equality, Oneness, Unconditional Love, Total Equality, no divisions, no separations, no isolation. ALL ONE FAMILY, ALL ONE TEAM. The illusion of power over is the thinking that by having power over you are helping another, incorrect assumption, only through Power With can True Healing Occur.”

“We have already sent the Empaths FREE, Now it is Up to all of you To receive this.”
“Be the Change you want to see on the Planet”.
“Love is the Only True Power, and Love is only Truly Powerful when it is being given and shared Freely and Unconditionally.” Mother and Father God

Events- The Universal Psychics are working with all the Higher Selves to heal self ignorance. One of the Reasons the ships have not landed, is because so many of you have a fantasy that they are coming to heal you. They cannot do this, because not only does this interfere with your free will, but also it takes away your power from you. Now, Let’s explain how many away team members and how many ships there are that they came from. WE have 24 Ships [Now, these are just the Starship Royal Fleet that have Crew Members here in the Manifest, there are a trillion ships currently surrounding the Planet]. So, 24 Ships and each have 500,000 Crew Members here in the Physical Manifest. We Had a Meeting in the Ships Yesterday, and we were informed that we have 90% of these Crew Members Awakened Now on Planet Earth. The Ships already have Permission now to Land, However, we Need 100% of all Crew Members Awakened for them to Land. This Truth alone should have the Awakened Ones doing all they can to get this Information out there, Get the Truth out to Everyone. We need the Technology, all The Secrets Revealed, and Freedom Restored to Planet Earth=Heart As soon as Possible! Is this not what each of you would like to See as well? Well lets get to it!! This is your Task Lightworkers!! 10% To Go!! How quickly the Manifestation of the Ships landing is Now up to you!

Donations- Yes, we are Asking for Love Donations for our Work to you. We have been forced to reach out to our Family on Earth, just so that we can have our basic needs met. These Donations we intend will not only be able to help us continue our work for you, But Help to start Programs to assist others as well. Our Information WE share with you is Priceless, and is Our Love Gift in Honor of the Truth of Who You Really are. Thank you for your Loving Support. Link for Donations http://gflcentral.ning.com/page/donate-1

WE are still waiting for others to connect in, on their part of the Universal Government Staff. Please Email Us at MotherGod@gflcentral.org Visit our Website at www.gflcentral.org which also provides a link to our New Sing Site/Social Network. If you have Missed any messages, you can visit our Library or Forum, as they are there for your references. WE will now be holding conference call Live Chats, Twice A week and will Announce a more Permanent Schedule on this. The Next one will be on Sunday February 22nd at 8:00pm Mountain time, It will be Me, Mother God, Father God and the First Contact Ground Crew on our Ning Site at http://gflcentral.ning.com/

We Love you with the Highest Love, Honor and Respect. Thank you for Honoring US. Love Mother and Father God/Amon Ra, Your Family of Light, ALL the ANGELS, and the Ground Crew for First Contact.
Here is Todays Song List Enjoy!!

Power to the People – John Lennon
Diamonds on the Inside – Ben Harper
One Love – Bob Marley
Prepare Ye the way of the Lord – Godspell