Inspiration, Insight, and Wickedly Playful Wisdom: Introducing The Chopra Well

In a busy, chaotic and often troubling world, where do you turn for inspiration?

To nature, perhaps. Or to religion, art, or your friends. Come July 9 you may find yourself turning to The Chopra Well, a new YouTube channel focused entirely on wellness and spirituality. Stated otherwise, The Chopra Well is your new daily dose of inspiration, with wisdom, humor, and insight to boot.

My name is Antonia, and I’ll be your navigator as you subscribe, share, comment, explore and contribute to The Chopra Well community. This is a community, after all, that extends beyond our little Los Angeles office, onto the computers and phones of people around the globe, tuning in to grow, laugh, question and engage. To fill up at the Well.

Our shows range from the soulfully wise to the wickedly playful, with plenty in between. Two of our series, Holy Facts and 30 Days of Intent, demonstrate this spectrum. Holy Facts, hosted by Gotham Chopra, explores strange and interesting spiritual traditions from cultures around the globe. Throw your sociology textbooks out the window, and get ready to be amazed. 30 Days of Intent follows ex-soccer star Natalie Spilger and YouTube personality Iman Crosson on their spiritual journeys of self-discovery. From orgasmic meditation to underwater massage, Natalie and Iman work through fears, doubts and personal goals. Your journey may look much the same.

You may tune in to expand your consciousness and find answers to spiritual questions. If so, Deepak is your man. Maybe you’re skeptical, as many of us are, and think your mind’s made up. You’ll love Gotham’s irreverent tongue-in-cheek humor. Perhaps you’re tired, balancing work with family and personal pursuits. Mallika reminds us of the power of intent to bring balance and happiness back into our lives.

Maybe you just want to grab a bowl of popcorn and watch someone else tackle some gnarly yoga poses.  That’s cool, too. All of the channel’s contributors offer something different, their own vibes and strengths that weave the rich tapestry that is The Chopra Well. It wouldn’t be as varied and vibrant as it is without this amazing team of co-creators. Here’s what some of our team say about the channel and their roles in its creation:

“I love the broad range of Chopra Well programming. On one side we have high utility formats that fit squarely within the realm of self-improvement. But we are not taking ourselves too seriously. Watch out Joe McHale! With “Holy Facts”, Gotham Chopra is taking the clip show format by storm!”

– Mark Rinehart, Show Runner

“I helped create 30 Day of Intent, our new series that takes two brave people on a spiritual adventure. I love telling stories that move people to engage more deeply with themselves and the world via excellent storytelling. That is my intent here at The Chopra Well.

I am inspired by entertaining stories that push me to the edge of my comfort zone and allow me a greater awareness of the beliefs I carry and whether they serve me or not. I think The Chopra Well can offer that. Let’s see what happens! I am thrilled to be a part of a team with a shared sense of purpose and creativity. I am also curious to see if we can create a truly reciprocal relationship with an audience, providing content in direct response to their interests.”

Bristol Baughan, Supervising Producer & Director at The Chopra Well
“I’m inspired by the ease with which we are able to connect science, spirituality, health and well-being in our programming. It’s unusual to be able to move freely and cohesively between talking about imaginal cells in butterflies, dark matter, meditation, Jedi religions in Australia, social change, and techniques to reduce stress – all in the same hour of programming. Usually, these themes are relegated to separate spheres, as either science OR spirituality. So I find it refreshing  to have a channel where we can bring these together to explore the world around us and tell stories in new ways.”

– Hashem Selph, Producer

This is a dynamic team of which I am proud to be a part. As The Chopra Well community continues to grow, we will be right there nurturing it, responding to feedback and collaborating with you, our viewers! Deepak Chopra says in the Critical Mass video that positive change in the world comes down to the actions of individuals. As little as one percent of the population can make decisions that alter the course of our global development. By tapping into this well of spirituality and wellness knowledge, you can expand the universal pool of consciousness. “Your thoughts affect reality.”

Watch a clip, try something new, strike up a conversation, make someone’s day. Sound idealistic? Tune in, and check it out. Bring your questions and your doubts. Bring your interests and quirks, too. Send us your comments, videos and photos along the way. Live your passion, and be the change you envision for the world. And as Deepak says, “Let’s have some fun doing it.”

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  1. I am looking forward to this very much! I have been to a retreat at the Chopra Center and can feel….from the bottom of my heart…this is the path the world is walking towards. It's time for people to find themselves on common ground, for the common good for themselves, the world and beyond. We are all spiritual, individuals and connected beings. Thank you and I look forward to checking in every time there's a new post! Namaste!!