Applying Musical Terms in Our Life to Create Expansion- Part 2

radioIn challenging times, it is easy to wander and disconnect from our heart.  Fear, sadness and anxiety can very easily become dissonant notes in the song of our life as we become immersed in the news of senseless killings, terrorism and political unrest.  Within your heart there is still love, compassion, kindness, passion and purpose.  Words cannot explain what most of us are feeling at this time in history.  There is another language that strikes a deeper chord and has the ability to guide us home to our hearts to access our true potential.  The Language is music…. Music restarts the important dialogue between our conscious mind and our intuitive heart and can provide rejuvenation, inner peace and inspiration.  In these challenging times we have the ability to compose our selves, regroup and orchestrate beauty in our life.  We are resilient and have the ability to orchestrate a better world.  As we work on ourselves individually to find inner peace it  ripples  out into our life and our world.

So lets, define the terms compose and orchestrate and then apply them with musical tools to assist us in creating transformation in our life.  According to the word compose can be defined several ways:

com·pose  (kəm-pōz′)
v. com·posed, com·pos·ing, com·pos·es

1. To make up the constituent parts of; constitute or form: an exhibit composed of French paintings; the many ethnic groups that compose our nation.
2. To make or create by putting together parts or elements.
3. To create or produce (a literary or musical piece).
4. To make (oneself) calm or tranquil: Compose yourself and deal with the problems logically.
5. To settle or adjust; reconcile: They managed to compose their differences.
6. To arrange aesthetically or artistically.
7. Printing To arrange or set (type or matter to be printed).                                                           

or•ches•trate (ˈɔr kəˌstreɪt)
v.t. -trat•ed, -trat•ing.

1. to compose or arrange (music) for orchestra.
2. to arrange, coordinate, or manipulate the elements of to achieve a goal or effect: to orchestrate negotiations.

In reading these definitions did it bring to mind different ways you can play an active role in composing and orchestrating your life?

Composing Yourself with Music
Let’s pull from definition number 4 of compose to make (oneself) calm or tranquil.  As most of us have heard; Music calms the savage beast.  Sometimes this beast can be our own fear or anxiety or repetitive inner dialogue.  It does not take long for music to create a shift.  Take 5 minutes during your day when you feel challenged or overwhelmed and listen to soft or meditative music.  I suggest closing your eyes, placing your hands on your heart and gently breathing in and out with the music.  Our physical hearts have the ability to adapt to the tempo of the music.  As our hearts slow down and synchronize to the music they create smoother and more orderly heart rhythms that can assist our physical bodies and our emotions in many beneficial ways.

Orchestrating Your Day with Music
Its important to remember that creating transformation with music does not have to be a series of random events that happens to us.  As the definition above states we have the ability to arrange, coordinate or manipulate music into our life to achieve a goal. I love to create specific playlists to orchestrate positive emotions in my day. Most of us have created playlists for things like our “Favorite Reggae Songs” or “A day at the beach” I invite you to take this to the next level and create a playlist to target positive emotions such as gratitude, kindness, inspiration or motivation.  For example, a motivational playlist might have:

“Happy” by Pharell
“Joy to the world” by Three Dog Night
“Love can Build a Bridge” by the Judds

Have fun with it, mix and match genres. The idea is to Orchestrate a more positive state than you started with.  Songs can be unbelievable 5-minute coping tools that that move you out of challenges such as anxiety, depression and feeling overwhelmed.

Taking 5 minute breaks during our day to compose and orchestrate our life are the roadmap that will lead us back to your hearts. Each one of us has the ability and the power to work on ourselves.  As we explore this individually we create the potential for harmony to be created beyond ourselves. Small steps can create large movement!

Barry Goldstein has been a composer, producer, and researcher on the vibrational effects of music for more than twenty-five years. He brings his knowledge of frequency, resonance, entrainment, and harmonics into his healing with music series Ambiology, which is being used in hospitals, hospices, medical offices, and in individuals’ homes worldwide. He is a Billboard Top Ten recording artist and has composed music for film and television. His work spans many styles and genres, from coproducing the Grammy Award–winning track “69 Freedom Special” with Les Paul to providing original ambient music for Shirley MacLaine, Neale Donald Walsch, Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Dr. Daniel Amen. In addition, in his new book The Secret Language of the Heart, Barry shares how every one of us—the musical and nonmusical alike—can harness the power of music to alleviate specific illnesses, reverse negative mindsets and attitudes, dissolve creative blocks and improve overall health. Backed up by the latest scientific research on the benefits of sound, music, and vibration, this book offers practical, concrete instructions for healing that can be tailored to suit your individual preferences and needs. Available at  More about Barry at