Intent of the Day: Structure That Works


There’s a diet for everything.
There’s a 4 hour work week and there are ways to make you feel like you’ll never work another day in your life. Everyone has a different management system for a different aspect of your life and that is great because it means there are options, but it’s up to you to figure out what works for YOU.

Struggling to stay organized?
Struggling to prioritize?
We get it. Here are 3 resources to help you find what structure works for you:

  • This interview with habits expert Gretchen Rubin.

    As part of preparing to write Living with Intent, Mallika Chopra interviewed friend Gretchen Rubin on discovering and creating the habits that work best for you. Not everything has a cookie-cutter solution and trying to force a discipline is not necessarily the ideal way to find success with implementing structure. Instead, take time to notice what you do and do not like, what you do and do not respond to, what you do and do not need to change.



  • These worksheets and tips for planning your day from MindTools.
    MindTools has you really look at your day in a practical way, but tools are only as good as they are used. Notice what tools seem the most helpful. Which questions cause the most stress or make you want to shut down. These might be indicators that these are the largest problem areas and will require extra patience and attention. The trick to finding your structure is noticing, so give yourself the time to look.

Is there anything you can rule out? What hasn’t worked?
What part of your day is the biggest struggle?