Intent of the Day: Embrace


We can rush into a Monday with all kinds of feelings.
Excitement to be back to work on an important project.
Hesitancy because we don’t know what the week will hold.
Utter defeat because we know we don’t want to be where we are.

We like to think of feelings as a smoke signal- it is an identifier of other things going on.
If you’re walking into Monday with excitement and expectancy, this is a great indicator that you are thriving in the place where you are. Clearly.

However, if you’re walking into your week with trepidation, what does that mean? Is there an issue within yourself? Perhaps you don’t feel confident. Perhaps you feel like you’re letting people down. Perhaps you feel unqualified or unprepared. Could it also be that external factors are out of alignment with your expectations? If you’re working as a doctor, but you want to be a baker, walking into that hospital everyday may always be frustrating.

So today our intent is to embrace where we are. We want to take an evaluation of the process. Here are 3 questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Is this where I meant to be?
    In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice asks the Cheshire Cat which way she should go. He asks her where she’s trying to arrive and when she says she has no idea, he responds by saying “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.” When we have no intent or vision, we can find ourselves anywhere. Where are you right now and is this where you meant to be? Even if it was unintentional, arriving somewhere doesn’t have to be negative. It an be an organic journey that ends somewhere surprising. Good or bad, let’s determine where we are and take an inventory of how we arrived.Now we can ask ourselves where we meant to be. Did you mean to have a college degree by this point? Did you intend to be a parent? Did you intend to travel the world? Where did you mean to be? Take time to think on this and then consider the steps that got you to where you currently are. Were those steps heading in that direction? Sometimes we say we want to go right, but every step is headed left. Unintentional action can lead us to a place of dissatisfaction and if that is where you’ve found yourself, consider what steps would need to change to get you headed some place different.
  2. What do I love/struggle with about where I am?
    Like we said earlier, just because you ended up somewhere surprising doesn’t mean you’re in the wrong place. Before anxiety or complacency convinces you that you’ve made a mistake, take an inventory of what you love or struggle with about where you are. You might be surprised to find that there are a lot of positive things about the place where you’re standing!
  3. Is this permanent?
    If you’ve come to the end of your inventory, a question to consider is how long you want to be in this situation. If this is a positive place to stay, look at the options you have for longevity. Is there growth potential? What are the next steps in growth? If you want to move on, what are the steps you can take to do that? Does it mean sending out a resume or ending relationships? Does it mean moving from helplessness to action?


You have asked yourself plenty of questions today.
Our hope is that no matter where you’ve found yourself that you know that you are empowered to continue your journey onto bigger and better places of peace and joy.