Advice for Parents: Strengthening Relationships Between Children

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One of the most common challenges that parents face is connecting with their children and maintaining a relationship with one another. As kids grow and develop, it can be challenging to remain close due to outside influences and changes that take place. When you want to strengthen your relationship and form a close bond, there are a few important tips to follow that will prove to be effective.

Make a Physical Connection

Many parents struggle with showing physical affection but being intentional about hugging your child will allow them to feel loved. Kids feel secure when they’re wrapped in your arms or are kissed on the cheek for an easy way of making a connection even if you’re both running in and out of the home. From high-fives to wrestling matches, your little one will grow up feeling confident in who they are and will feel more secure in the home.

Spend Time Playing

One of the best ways to establish more trust and a bond with your child is to spend more time playing and having fun together. Kids will know that you want to spend time with them if you make it a point to play basketball outside or wrestle in the house together. Rough-housing will stimulate endorphins and oxytocin in both the child and adult, which can help you both work through anxieties.

Offer Your Undivided Attention

It can be easy for children to feel neglected if they have other siblings, making it necessary to spend one-on-one time with your child. Turn off your cell phone and make conversation in a setting where there aren’t any distractions. You don’t always need to spend the time planning activities or having a structure with your time together. Opt for getting an ice cream cone or taking a walk around the block when you want to get to know one another more. Sharing time in a laidback setting will make it more natural and relaxed.

Offer Your Support

Remain intentional about being supportive to your child whether they’re trying out for a sport in high school or are getting their driver’s license. As a parent, you should be your child’s cheerleader and encourage them whether they succeed or fail. It’s also important to remain supportive even in the challenging times and when they make mistakes. You should be there when they get in trouble at school or are in a car accident, which will allow them to feel secure. Do what you can to resolve the situation, whether it means taking disciplinary action or hiring an injury attorney.

Enjoy Family Time

Bonding with your child requires that you spend more time together as a family. It’s important to have dinner together each night and discuss the high and lows of the day. Sitting down at the dinner table will make it easier to facilitate conversation and open up with one another. You can also attend your children’s sporting events and plan family trips where you can create new memories.

Do Projects Together

You don’t have to participate in fun activities to strengthen your relationship with your kids. Complete tasks around the house together and ask for their help, which will allow them to feel valued and more confident in their skills. Consider painting their room a new color or working on a car that they’ll drive once they get their license. Although the chores will take longer than you may expect with the child by your side, it will be a great way to talk and share time together that will prove to be invaluable.

It may be difficult to understand each stage of your child’s development, but it’s important to remain intentional about staying close. Your time together will shape their future and can determine the course that they take in life due to your support and the amount of care that you provide.