5 myths about natural beauty products


5 myths about natural beauty products

Busting the myths about natural beauty products: If the product gets labeled as, “natural,” it does not mean that the product is natural. If you check the label, chances are you will find ingredients that are not necessarily natural. The manufacturer adds five essential oils and some other elements that are deemed natural. Once you add a synthetic substance to the list, the product is not considered all natural.

‘Natural’ Labeled on a Product Means It Is Organic

Having anything labeled as ‘natural’ on a product does not guarantee that the product is organic. Companies that sell organic products have to be certified. The industry gets heavily regulated, and the process takes years.

Any business that is certified organic has had to go through scrutiny for a three-year period. During the process, the organization had to follow certain guidelines to make sure that their products were free of chemicals.

Using ‘organic’ on the label does not mean that the product is certified organic. However, when the product gets labeled ‘USDA-Certified,’ it means that the product is 100 percent certified organic.

If a product with four ingredients gets labeled ‘USDA-Certified,’ all four ingredients have to be confirmed as certified for it to be truly natural.

Natural Beauty Products Cost More

Natural beauty products do not necessarily cost more. They have a price range like any other product. They range from moderate to expensive.

For example, Nu Skin produces a skin conditioning gel that is aimed to “keep skin comfortable and support its natural, healthy moisture balance,” using aloe vera as a key ingredient; it is priced at $13.75 in the United States.

Natural Beauty Products Have No Chemicals or Preservatives

That is a false statement. Some natural beauty products do have chemicals and or preservatives. The products have preservatives to prevent them from spoiling. If the products do not have preservatives, they would have to be refrigerated.

Examples of chemical preservatives include ethyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, and anything else labeled with Butyl, Propyl, Isopropyl, and Methyl. The list of chemicals gets classified as parabens.

Parabens occur naturally in plants and get ingested in foods. Examples of plants that carry parabens are carrots, olive, cucumbers, and a few others. When parabens get ingested as foods, they act in harmony with other enzymes for proper digestion. They get broken down with stomach acids so that they can leave the body as waste matter.

However, when they get applied to the skin, the result is not the same. They may increase estrogen levels in the body. An excessive amount of estrogen promotes tumor growth.

You Will Not Get Breakouts with Natural Beauty Products

Another myth is that you will not break out if you use natural beauty products. These products are capable of clogging pores and irritable to sensitive skin just like any other products.

Some people are allergic to natural ingredients that get classified as plant-based. The allergic reaction to the ingredients will cause breakouts. Examples of products that may cause breakouts are thyme, cinnamon and fennel oil. These products are oil-based and may affect people who break out frequently.

Your Skin and Hair Are Better off with Natural Beauty Products

This statement is a myth. There is no scientific data that backs up the notion that your skin and hair are better off with natural beauty products.

Because the product is plant-based, it does not mean that it is better for your skin. Plant-based ingredients can be toxic just like any other ingredients.

According to Dr. Linda M. Katz, Director of the FDA, natural ingredients are not that easy to preserve when it comes to microbial contamination.

Furthermore, the experts state that natural skin care products should get combined with synthetic ingredients so that they can work well with the skin.

In conclusion, using an all-natural skin care product does not necessarily mean that it is better for your body. They are not more expensive either. The price ranges from moderate to expensive just like other products. Some natural beauty products contain chemicals and or preservatives.

You will also experience breakouts from oil-based products. Finally, your skin and hair are not better off when you use natural beauty products. The experts think that there should be a balance between natural ingredients and synthetic ones.