3 Gorgeous Meditations to Kick Off the Week

Happy Monday!

If you’re like many active, busy people out there, Monday mornings can be rough. A new week brings a new set of responsibilities, activities, and concerns, and it can be hard not to feel like you’re jumping on an already-running treadmill. Even if it feels like you have a million things to accomplish this week and barely enough time to do it all, it’s important to get centered first and foremost. Your responsibilities won’t go anywhere, and the 10 minutes it takes for your mindfulness practice will pay off in the long run.

Here are 3 guided meditations to help you start your week on a fresh and centered note:

Transport yourself to Norweigen Hardangervidda National Park and become one with nature during this guided mediation with Deepak Chopra. Put your intent on your heart, focus on your breathing and let go.

Find peace in a grassy green field as Mallika Chopra reads a guided meditation. Set your intent on your heart, focus on your breathing and let yourself go.

Settle yourself in a secluded forest as Deepak Chopra reads two poems by Tagore. Tagore is known world wide for his metaphysical poetry, especially “Song Offerings” which earned him the first Nobel Prize for Literature for a non-European in 1913.

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