3 Keys to Discover Your Ability To Love

When people have been hurt, wounded and injured emotionally in a relationship it is often difficult to love again. After all, it was a painful experience before, so it is only natural it may seem it will be difficult the second time around. Love and trust are so linked that if you cannot have one you will not be able to have the other. Learning to both love and trust at the same time can seem like a mountain too big to climb.

Of all the energies in the world, love is the most powerful. Think of all that love overcomes and how love triumphs when it is healthy, vibrant and reciprocated. The universe takes in love and returns it in thousands of ways to make life positive and happy.

But you have to send out to the universe what you want in return, and how can you send out love if you don’t feel lovable? How can you love someone else if you can’t love yourself? How do you practice creating love so you can be grateful for that experience?

There are answers to these questions that will allow you to tap into the powerful energy that love provides. Remember that the universe returns love a positive energy when positive, healthy love is sent out. Finding ways to learn how to love and trust is the key.

Key 1: Love Is Universal

Love is unconditional and universal and is not just love between couples. Start by assessing the loving relationships that you have in your life already. This could be children, family members or friends. Give thanks for these loving relationships and focus in on them.

Key 2: Find Something To Love

The word “something” is not a mistake in the header and it was not meant to be “someone”. By choosing something to love that you can trust and interact with in a positive way you can start sending out that positive message. Consider adopting a pet that you can interact with. Dogs, cats, ferrets or even rabbits are all great choices.

Key 3: Find One Thing About Yourself You Love

Identify one thing about yourself that you love. It may be something that you have accomplished, a part of your personality, something you do or any other component of your life. Explore why this makes you feel good about yourself and focus in on identifying one thing every day that you do that you love.

Keep a journal or a notebook about your love experiences as you recognize them and they develop. This positive message will help you to send out that energy to the world around you and create a more positive environment for you to live.

photo by: flatworldsedge