3 Steps to Shift Out of Love Addiction

One of the most powerful techniques available to changing yourself from the inside out is the use of visualization. In my book The Law of Sobriety, I talk about how visualization can be used to treat all types of addictions, including love addictions. Love addictions are usually the result of feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. Changing this is the first step on the path to recovery.

To use visualization techniques successfully, you need to have a quiet, disruption free space and time. Once you are able to give your full emotional and mental attention to making changes in the way you see yourself you will find your relationships will also change for the better.

Step 1: Picture Yourself As A Positive Individual

Before you can be a successful part of a couple you have to be successful on your own. Create a mental picture of you, on your own, as a happy, independent and vibrant person. Feel yourself as this person, standing alone and not depending on someone else to complete the image.

Step 2: See The End Result You Want

When people visualize it is critical to only focus and dwell on the thoughts and images that bring you to your desired goal. It is often tempting to see obstacles or possibilities of failure but this is counterproductive. Focusing on negatives will only send out negative energy, creating the very situation you want to avoid. See yourself as successful and independent and that is what the universe will provide.

Step 3: Mental Work Before Change

Unless you see yourself as being successful all your efforts in the material world will be futile. This is why people with love addiction find it so hard to create meaningful change. You have to understand at a spiritual and emotional level that you are able to be complete without another person before you can make a relationship change.

Breaking the need to feel completed by someone else is not easy. A coach, counselor or therapist can help you with visualization techniques and exercises that will be necessary to make the changes you want.

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