3/4/09 Love from the GFL, and The Kingdom /Company of Heaven “Love is The FairyTale”

3/4/09 7/11 day


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Pre-First Contact Update of The Highest Velocity Light of Truth

The Revealed Evolution and Liberation of The Soul, You are Being Set Free

Emerald City The Seekers




Love is the Fairy Tale”


The Eagles Have landed in a BIG WAY, Now its Just a matter of Processing, readjusting their Frequencies, and Grounding in the Energy Required for them To Appear.” Mother and Father God

The Eagles have Risen




Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Kingdom/Company of Heaven, From Galactic Central. WE are Your Family of Light from the Stars, Your Earth Allies working on your Behalf for Total Freedom and Full Consciousness. WE are Your Hosts From Heaven, The Elohim. WE are also The Ground Crew for First Contact . Also Present Going through the Experience with you is US, Mother and Father God and We are Honored to be a Part of Your Awakening.


In True Reality Love can only Manifest More Love.” Mother God

I believe in you and Me Whitney Houston




You have been blinded by the false truth, that Too Good To be True could Not be True. Too Good to Be True is Real and True Reality, and is all That Exists in The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.” Mother and Father God


True Reality is 100 Times Grander then any illusion or fantasy, because Love is REAL, and You cannot make a fantasy REAL. This is The Fairy Tale Love Gives, Love Manifests Love, Which Manifests True Reality. Every Once in a While in an Ordinary Life, Love Hands you a Fairy Tale, For all To Live as Queens and Kings, Love is This Fairy Tale…”

Song Its a Wonderful World




Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles and Many Magical Synchronostic Events. Today is Wednesday March 4th, 2009. The ships are arriving in, which will continue for Most of March. The Real Reality of Love is So Much Grander then you have ever dreamed about and Grander than all of the Fairy tales you have been told [that you thought were just fairytales..lol], and we are referencing Fairy tales Today because Real Love and True Reality is like Real Fairy Tales coming True. The Upcoming Events are Occurring as the Result of Us, Passing all the Necessary Tests Successfully. These Were Tests to Make Sure that it was Really Us, as Well as to Open the Portal for the Complete Unification of Planet Earth=Heart as One Unified Field. This has successfully occurred and Has completely Manifested Us, Mother and Father God into this Realm, which Manifests The Kingdom Of Heaven on Earth=Heart. As the Original Twin Flames we Walked through Every Doorway to Get Here to You, this is why we Refer to as Lighting the Way for Everyone on the Planet. We walked through it all [walked uphill both ways barefoot in a “blinding”snowstorm…lol] and this is why we share with You We Made it. What this means for you is that You have Made it too, but you have to do the walking, God Does Mean Giver Of Destinies…

The Story of Cinderella




The Illuminati taught you on Purpose that Fairy Tales were just tales, that were of make believe, and you were definitely not worthy or deserving of Such Happenings. They said that they were just fantasies, and the slaves they made you, was the real reality. You were not created to be Slaves, because in Truth you are Royalty .Consider the Story of Cinderella one That is Very Real and True. She was as a slave, however with the Help of the Fairy God Mothers [AKA ANGELS] she was able to Have the Courage to Choose Something else, The Love and Joy she was. She Found Love. You are coming out of the shackles of duality, into True Reality, where Everything is Yours=ALL, because you are a Part of ALL THAT IS, and Love is ALL There Really IS. You were Created in Love to Play, Enjoy, and Have Lots of Fun, in Full Consciousness you Return to this Natural State of Innocence, and Joy that is Expressed Every Moment. This State is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. You are not a fantasy, you are REAL.


You are In The New Story of Heaven on Earth, a True Love Story beyond ALL Space, and ALL the Universes. This Love Story is a Love Story Between US ALL. This is ALL that Can Now Occur, The Greatest Love Story Ever Written, and is occurring Every Present Moment OF Now. AS Children of Father God and I, ALL is Granted to you, This is Our Love Story With You, Our Sons and Daughters, we came Here for your Graduation, To Celebrate with you. Because of Our Presence Here with you, Your Destinies are to be Fulfilled, as Decreed and Granted, Love is a Fairy Tale. “ Mother and Father God..


The Day of Our arrival has Been somewhat shared with you in many ways [although has been distorted], The Hopi Prophecies were some of the Closest to the Reality and Truth of what’s Really Happening. It was brought up to you distorted in the Book of Revelations in the Bible, it has been called many names from the rapture [which the word actually refers to being transported to the Kingdom of Heaven], to the end of times, plus all the illusions and fantasies created out of all of this. The Highest Truth, The True Reality of it all, and the Biggest Conspiracy of ALL, Love=The Truth has Shown UP. Many of You were not sure exactly what or who, but somewhere deep within your Soul has been a stirring, as Your Soul always knew what it was UP TO.. Your Soul Understood Love was Coming, and when This Moment Arrived, LOVE WOULD CHANGE EVERYTHING, FOR ALL IS LOVE, AND THIS IS LOVE’S DECREE. AS GRANTED..Mother and Father God

Love is a Transforming Creational Energy, That Transforms all Into Love, Everywhere Present.” Mother and Father God


Father God and I are Fully Manifested= The Love Called God Everywhere Present in this REALM. Children, did you think we were just kidding you, with all The Information we have been sharing with YOU? Love, Truth and Reality are no Joke, they are a Laughing Matter so to speak, the biggest conspiracy that was Created for your release out of duality, the dream, and illusion. Love is Being Granted to This Planet and that is that. Mother Earth is not ignorance’s or illusion’s Planet, She is Our Planet and She will Share with you That Truth. This means she is Also Your Planet, However, this Gift cannot Be given until you are ALL Awakened. Love is Here and You are Graduating into the Love You Truly are, there is no where to run and hide. You will Awaken in The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, as this is a Decree. You then will Really Begin Playing, as This is The New Story..

Up Where WE Belong – Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes



The New Story, is Only About Love, Sharing Love, Expressing Love, Being Love, Harmonizing Together as One Love, with Laughter and Joy, Equal, as the Royal Grandness We Truly are. Father God and I, are bringing all of this in. We have shared with you that WE ARE the Real Mr. And Mrs. Santa Claus. We passed through every test, there were many of these, and what has been occurring “behind the scenes”. We have made it Passed through each one Successfully, Love Grants Us Everything, and the dream is over. All of this had to Occur for Us to Bring in the REAL, and This is Coming in Right Now, Love Has Shown Up, Surprise, and We have Brought Your Entire Family From all of Creation, To say in Neon Lights “Welcome Home Earthlings..” Welcome to The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth”. Mother and Father God


Grace has been given to Everyone on Planet Earth=Heart. All Karmic debt is completely erased as you let go of all illusion and ignorance. We are all Here To Be Free, together AS ONE, Nothing else matters, except the Present Moment of Now.” Decreed, and Granted Mother and Father God


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WE Love you with the Highest Love, Honor, and Respect. We Love You Unconditionally..Love Mother and Father GOD, Amon Ra, Your Family of Light, ALL your Angels, and The Ground Crew for First Contact.