4 Tips to Spring Clean Inside and Out

Street Cleaner in Beijing

Spring is the perfect time to clear away the old and begin anew. In Feng Shui we want to clear out the physical space. In the spiritual world of metaphysics we want to clear out our interior. Here is a simple check-list to maximize your spring cleaning:

1. Clear out closets and junk drawers of unwanted items and things that no longer serve you. This helps you think more clearly – it truly does. After all, stuff is just stuff. Ask yourself; does this reflect who I am now and who I want to become? If so keep it. If not, chuck it!

2. Space cleanse using Dragon’s Blood Aura Cleanse spray or candles. Stuck stagnant energy needs to be cleared out after the winter. Space Cleansing has many techniques including Karen Kingston, the space cleansing expert. Do not use sage, because unless you are a Native American and this is your magic you will amplify whatever negative energy is in your space. Better to clear it out using Aura Cleanse (visit your local spiritual shop or visit www.AnitaRosenberg.com.)

3. Clear out toxic relationships. Yes, friends and other people carry with them toxic vibes as much as your environment. Take a moment to list the positive loving people in your life and those who constantly drain and depress you. You don’t have to be mean about it – but it’s time to release those toxic relationships so you can attract fabulous new folks into your life.

4. Get an astrology reading. Knowing what is in store for you according to your astrology chart is powerful. It helps you tap into your true potential and create a good solid game plan. Western Astrology is more popular here and you will surely find someone at your local spiritual book store. Vedic Astrology is what they use in India. BaZi Chinese Astrology is my area of expertise. As one of the few people in the West doing this type of work, I will tell you it was originally used to personalize your Feng Shui. I use it as a stand-alone practice and it is extremely accurate. Whatever you pick – create your game plan for success.

Have a super Spring!