4 Ways to Help Your Skin Breathe and Detox This Spring


It’s spring cleaning time again and that means more than just cleaning your home. Our bodies need to breathe and detox after the long winter of dry air and preserved foods. Try these 4 simple ways to help your body get the toxins out this spring.


The winter months can be long and dry. Your body is likely dehydrated and your skin is feeling the effects. Drink lots of pure filtered water. Green tea and lemon water are great hydration options as well. By hydrating your body you will see a difference in your skin and feel a boost in your metabolism as your body forces out those toxins and your skin gets back its elasticity. Your body is mostly water and without replenishing your body every day your organs will start to fail. It’s amazing how making a small change like increasing your water intake can make such a big difference in how you feel. Healthy tip: Hot lemon water first thing in the morning is a great kickstart to your metabolism for the day and it even helps to release bacteria from your skin.

Freshen Up Your Diet

We all tend to move toward preserved or prepackaged foods during the winter. Spring is the perfect time to get back to a fresher, whole food type of diet. You’ll be surprised at how many options there are when starting a detox diet. Detoxing doesn’t mean restricting, it just means to be more mindful about what you are putting into your body. Try looking for local foods that are in season. Fresh fruits and vegetables are in plentiful supply at the farmers market. Eating foods in their natural state, without all of the additives allows your body to break them down and metabolize them easier, thus giving your body the time it needs to properly detox and cleanse your system. Check out some of these great food ideas to get your detox diet on the right path.


You hear it everywhere you go. Get rid of your stress! It’s the most common remedy for everything whether you’re looking for hidradenitis suppurativa treatment or migraine cures. It works but so many of us don’t know how to do it. When your body is overrun with trying to function during times of high stress it doesn’t have the time to rid your system of toxins. These toxins build up and can add to the feeling of tension and frankly make you feel terrible. Try different things until you find something that actually helps you relax and feel less overwhelmed. You can start with yoga, meditation or even painting. Once you find something that you really enjoy you’ll notice the stress start to melt away. 


We’re not suggesting that you pack up and move to someplace new, but we are suggesting you move your body. Getting your blood pumping is a great way to get your body breathing. Working up a good sweat is also a good way to flush out built up toxins. If going to the gym or for a run is not your thing there are tons of other things you can do. Try going for a long hike or grab your bike and check out some trails nearby. You can even find an indoor pool or play frisbee with your dog at the park. Whatever you chose to do make sure you have fun doing it. The more fun you have the more likely you are to keep it up.