5 Ways to Be a Better Dad…or Reconnect with Your Own

No, it’s not Father’s Day. Fathers are important every day!

Whether you had the best one or never met yours, they shape our lives for better or worse.

Inspire yourself to be a better dad or take a moment to appreciate the father figures in your life.


Daughters need you more than you think. How you treat women is teaching her how she should expect to be treated.

Rules For Dads Raising Daughters (Huffington Post)

It’s not about what you do together. It’s the time you spend together. That being said, yoga’s not just for girls.

5 Reasons to Take Your Dad to Yoga Class (MindBodyGreen)

It seems counterintuitive, but techy dads might actually want their kids to go outside and play.

Tech-Savvy Dads More Likely to Tell Their Kids to Play Outside (Mommyish)

When’s the last time you told your dad, I love you? Don’t wait until it’s too late.

5 Lessons From My Father’s Death (Positively Positive)

There’s no handbook for fatherhood, although maybe there should be. Here’s one take on how to be a good one.

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photo by: mikebaird