Chelsea Roff: 5 Big Happy Teachers We Can’t Wait to See at Tadasana Festival (videos)

We’re just one day away from the first annual Tadasana Festival, and the excitement around the city of Los Angeles is palpable. The tents are up on Santa Monica beach. The Buzz Bus just rolled into town. Musicians, luminaries, and even elephants are on their way from around the world. A gathering is coming. Or rather, the gathering has come.

Our own Mallika Chopra will be giving a talk at 5:00pm on Sunday, as well as Intent Blogger Kute Blackson  in the Daily Love Speaker Series. But until then, you have 3 days chock full of extraordinary yoga and music to keep you busy. In anticipation of the amazing weekend ahead, here are five videos created by the fabulous folks at BigHappyDay of some of the teachers I’m most looking forward to seeing at Tadasana this weekend:

1. Tommy Rosen: Well, duh. Co-founder of the Tadasana Festival (along with the one-and-only Fabian Alsultany), Tommy is not only an extraordinary event producer and creator of community… he’s also a yoga teacher who specializes in making the practice accessible to people with addiction issues.

2. Suzanne Sterling: She sings. She dances. And it’s damn infectious, I’m warning you! This yoga goddess will be performing Saturday night and helping you sing YOURSELF awake on Sunday morning. Don’t miss her.

3. Julian Marc Walker: If you’ve never experience a Julian Walker class, seriously… you don’t know what you’re missing. When I first moved to LA, I got an email from a friend in Chicago who said “Go take Julian’s class. It will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.” She was right. Come for the laughs, come for the poetry, but most of all come for the sacred sense of community Julian is such an expert at creating in the way he holds a room. Oh, and the music in his class will no doubt be off the chart too.

4. Hemalayaa: Oh, how Intent loves Hemalayaa. If you’re not smiling within five minutes of being in this woman’s presence, I’m not sure anything will do the trick. Expect lots of joy, laughter, and CELEBRATION! And yes, expect to dance.

5. Felicia Tomasko: Intent blogger, Editor in Chief of LA Yoga Magazine, Ayurvedic expert… is there anything Felicia doesn’t do? If you’ve had a difficult week, her Detoxify & Invite Vitality class is not to be missed. My bet is this is the class to take on Friday to ensure you have all the energy you need for the full weekend ahead.

Thanks, once again, to BigHappyDay for providing the treasure trove of videos. Seriously, if you’re a crazy multitasker like me and like to watch inspiring and informative videos while you work… check out their YouTube channel. Think daily videos of LOHAS leaders talking about yoga, spirituality, sustainability, and many other interesting topics. And yes, they’ll be at Tadasana.


Are you going to Tadasana? Any teachers I missed here you’re excited to see? I’ll be there all weekend — little pink scooter and all. Don’t hesitate to give me a shout and share your intent if you see me zooming around.


If you don’t have you tickets yet, head over to the Tadasana website and get your passes. 1 and 3 day passes still available.