5 Practices for an Awakened Life

The saying goes, “Don’t miss the forest for the trees.”

It could also be said, Don’t miss your life trying to live.

In our effort to be become “better” versions of ourselves, we can sometimes miss how perfect this version is of ourselves.

The one we are right now. The skin we’re in right now.

The practice of awakening tTouching the Suno our lives is just that. A practice. It is not something we perfect.

You might recognize the following as our 5 senses. They are also our doorway to the present moment. To the rich, peaceful, abundant present moment.

Stepping into our senses, relearning them almost, brings our worlds to life. The smallest detail becomes larger than life and suspends the mental chatter as we pause in awe of what’s right in front of us.

And what’s right in front of us happens to be our life. Soak it up.

SEE. As in see with your eyes and not your mind. Use your vacation eyes, your yoga eyes, or whatever lets you drop the veil of disinterest. See, in all its glory, the beautiful wrinkles around laughing eyes, the wild beauty of the ocean, the soulful stare of your own reflection.

“Making Music with Breath & Body”: An Interview with Photographer Sarit Z. Rogers (Elephant Journal)

HEAR. Close your eyes and listen. How many noises can you count? Instead of tuning them out, tune into them. A car horn, a baby’s cry, a bird chirping, your own breath, whispered voices. Let them visit your ears like welcome guests, come to play you a symphony of sound.

5 Ways Music Can Enhance Your Yoga Practice (Yoganonymous)

FEEL. With your hands. The rough bark of a tree, the soft fur on your pet, the textured skin of an avocado, the cool smoothness of a spoon.

How to be in Your Body (Positively Positive)

TASTE. Like you’ve never tasted before. One raisin, one orange slice, one almond, one piece of chocolate. Let them melt in your mouth before you swallow them. Taste them. Learn them. Enjoy them.

How to Cook with Your Senses (Huffington Post)

SMELL. The power of smell can be intoxicating. A fresh rose, dried lavender, freshly chopped garlic, a wood-burning fire – try making a list of your favorite smells. It can keep you busy for some time.

5 Smells that Make You Kinder, Happier, Nicer (Care2)


photo by: Matt McGee