5 Reasons You Need to Rest & How

urlYou’ve got a to-do list, kids, a job, and dinner to make. You’re the juggler of all the balls in your life, and as soon as you put one down, you get tossed another one.

Even when our life isn’t in crazy mode, it’s often in busy mode. Taking time for ourselves can seem like a luxury or even selfish. We usually wait until we get laid out with a cold or flu and are forced to rest.

Rest is not a luxury. It’s essential to your physical and mental well-being. The faster you’re going, the more you need downtime and deep rest. You will better serve the people in your life when you’re rested and will love yourself and your life more.

Here’s 5 ways to create space for rest in your life.

Functioning and thriving are two different states of being. Rest can be the key to going from the first to the second.

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“You cannot move faster than the speed of light or sound—you cannot move so fast and expect to take off and fly without stopping to refill yourself.”

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Rest isn’t always about getting more sleep. It’s possible to create a restful state of being even while busy.

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Restorative yoga is not a waste of your exercise time. It can boost your energy more than vigorous exercise and is the better choice when you’re feeling run-down.

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Sometimes we can’t rest even when we have the time to. Learn how to unwind your mind for quality sleep.

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