5 Ways to Be Yourself Fearlessly

I can’t take credit for these words. They are the words of Anita Moorjani, my latest muse.

But they are important to me. They have come to me at just the right time. I’ve just come off of a heads-down, do-not-look-up, do-not-ask-questions, just-keep-toiling, keep-pushing-until-the-next-deadline, praying, practicing and oh-yea, did-I-mention working? period of time. The results of which have blown me away. In our final get together yesterday, there was no shortage of tears and proclamations of  life-changing journeys abound. I felt it too. I felt my gut (3rd chakra) tingling away as we shared our final moments. The love amongst the group was palpable, poignant, and revolutionary.

And now, well now it’s time to rest. I don’t do well with rest, you see. I prefer to be rocking-it-out, trucking-along, burning-the-proverbial-candle-at-both-ends, so to speak. So resting, while my body and soul are calling for it, (I can hear them now like I never have before); well, it’s just not easy. I won’t say it’s hard, that’s a whole separate story. But it’s not a rhythm I naturally groove to.

And then, Anita M’s words ring in my ears, Just be yourself fearlessly.

Myself wants rest.

My children need me.

My husband needs me.

I need them.

We need some quiet time. A birthday celebration approaches. A football season is erupting. My  brave husband is stepping up to the plate in a whole new way. I want to sit back and savor this moment. Delicious and sweet as it is.

My drive (aka ego) fears rest. It fears falling behind my peers. But I am working to tell fear to eff off. Fuck off, fear.

And sure as the sun sets in the west behind my neighbor’s beautiful home that blocks my view, things have been coming to me. I have vowed to rest and plan ~ and the plans are arising. This is what Anita says will happen. When you be yourself fearlessly, the universe conspires to bring your dreams to you. Things just simply unfold. And as such, they are unfolding.

Recognize the brilliance in the Divine. 

All things happen in Divine time, which we may not understand but we can still embrace.

The Divine often works in paradox – What seems small may actually be big, what seems tragic may actually be a blessing, what seems powerless may actually have all the power… 

What if you decided to….

Just be yourself without fear, recognize the hand of God in all things, and sit back for the ride?

Here are a few tips to getting back in touch with the miracle that is you…

1. Get centered – Go to yoga, pray, meditate… get connected to your soul. Hell, even run if you have to. (Ha.) Get into that space that allows you to feel. Not think. Feel. Everything else seems less critical once you get connected. Something just naturally sort themselves out once you are connected.

2. Write something – Write a manifesto, a mantra, a credo to guide you when you get lost. We all get lost. Find those handy few words that speak to your soul and keep them nearby – your console, your nightstand, your bathroom mirror, your wallet ~ nearby. (Tip: If you don’t consider yourself a writer, find something written that is inspirational to you still. Write it down. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.)

3. Stop drinking, smoking, bitching, k-vetching – Whatever it is you do to numb out, take a break. Texting, Facebook’ing, Instagram’ing, watching TV, reading trashy magazines ~ rarely do these feed your soul. Find ways to increase your power, not deplete it.

4. Do something just for you – A pedicure, a glass of water, a handstand, a round of core work, a phone call to a best friend, a nap, a spree of organizing your closet (or your junk drawer)… something that makes you feel better. More like you.

5. Create something of love – Cook, garden, sow, sing, sequence a class, dance, write a poem – manifest something of your inner glow, something that allows you to breathe deeply again, something that brings a smile to your lips and elicits a laugh from your soul. Our creative fire is the energy of life flowing through us. Make sure you have a way to allow it to fruition.