5 Ways to Create Space for Spring

Child Tending Broken Baby Seedling free creative commonsThe long-awaited time change happens this Sunday, and the first day of Spring, the Spring Equinox, is on March 20.

Seasonal changes are an opportune time to check in with what’s happening with our bodies and minds on a bigger scale.

Harmonizing with the seasons and lunar phases has ancient roots and can allow us to gracefully shed our winter coat and tap into the energetic nature of springtime.

The actual seasons are just like seasons in our lives, coming and going cyclically. Moving into a new one often provides perspective into the passing one.

Our 5 links give you some ideas on how to create space for what is to come.

Spring cleaning is not limited to the external. All the new light and new energy in the air can be a great time to clear out old thoughts and patterns.

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Soul (Elephant Journal)

“Just like the spring sun causes the snow and ice to melt, it melts the excess kapha in our bodies.”

Ayurveda 101: Spring Renewal (Yoganonymous)

As the external world begins its transition into a time of growth, we might notice some internal shifting happening as well. Letting the necessary breakthroughs happen while staying grounded is the delicate balance.

Good Vibrations: A 5-Step Sound Practice to Quiet the Mind (Care2)

Feeling less tired? Have a little more energy? Here’s the science behind spring fever.

Spring Fever: Why You Feel Different With the Change in Season (Huffington Post)

The time and weather don’t have to be the only thing that changes. As the science of neuroplasticity demonstrates, our brains are capable of changing at any time in our lives. Why not now?

Change Your Mind (Positively Positive)