5 Ways to Harness Today’s Full Moon Energy

Super Red MoonThe full moon in Libra peaked this morning at 2:30 a.m. PST.

Considered one of the most potent full moons of the year, the unique planetary arrangement happening this week creates a powerful play we can take part in here on earth.

How to harness this enormous energy in your life? Here are 5 energetic concepts in full swing during the full moon in Libra. Tune into them closely and choose to interact with them positively.

Release what is no longer serving you. What are you holding onto that is over and done? What is still weighing you down that you have no use for? Relationships, objects, grudges, clutter?

Start Your Psychological Spring Cleaning (Huffington Post)

Take responsibility. The full moon is historically a time of harvest. A time to reap what you sow. Take responsibility for what has happened in your life and what is happening. Good or bad, own your part. This empowers you to move forward courageously and clearly.  

Taking Responsibility (Positively Positive)

Review and rejuvinate your relationships. Your relationship to yourself and your relationships with others. The full moon is a time of illumination. The clarity that comes from introspection can reveal uncomfortable truths. Let them be a catalyst for change.

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Conflict is more possible during this full moon. Bring awareness to anger and choose harmony over harming with every word you say and every action you take.

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Change is the only constant with this moon. Things are highly charged and in a high state of flux. Soften to the waves of change. Draw on your flexibility. Break yourself open and set yourself free.

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photo by: halfrain