5 Yoga Practices for a Warm & Healthy Winter

Ambassador Meghan CurrieThis winter seemed to settle in a little earlier and colder than usual. While many outdoor activities fall by the wayside or include bundling up in multiple layers, winter is a great time to try yoga or deepen your practice.

Warm, inviting spaces to practice will melt the chill, heat you up from the inside out, and boost your immune system.

Backbends of any type are invigorating and stimulating. They require strength and attention to step into safely. Instead of focusing on how the backbend looks or whether or not you can achieve a certain pose, try focusing on each progressive step that opens your body to receive the abundant energy in your heart.

Heart-Opening Backbends (Yoganonymous)

Pranayama heats up the body in a unique way. Learn how to correctly practice these three vigorous pranayama exercises before, during, and after your practice: Breath of Fire, Kapalabhati, and Bhastrika.

3 Powerful Pranayama Exercises (MindBodyGreen)

Personalizing your practice, whether at a class or during your home practice, will take your yoga experience to another level. A home practice seems daunting to many, but it’s a great way to tune in deeply to your body and needs.

5 Steps to Personalizing Your Practice (Elephant Journal)

If only we could bottle the After-Yoga Glow! This simple combination of sun salutations, forward bends, and supported inversions will help improve circulation and blood flow, bringing out a radiant glow.

Yoga Poses for a Winter Glow (Huffington Post)

Sleep is when our muscles recover and grow. The more intense our lifestyle or exercise regime, the more important rest is to keep the body in balance. Restorative yoga postures are an easy way to slow your body down at the end of the day and allow it to rest deeply at night.

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