6 Green Tips: How to Save Money and Energy for Going Back to School and Work

All across the country and the world, countless people are heading back to school and work for the Fall. Consider this new season of transition as an opportunity to change your daily habits to save more money and energy when you go about your productive day.

1. Bring a Bento Box For Lunch. Making your own lunch will save you tons of money every week. Eating your food from your bento box will give you discipine in portion control. Get inspired from this New York Times article detailing the rise of bento box usage among Americans which also contains a handy list of bento-related blogs at the very end.

2. Use a Reusable Bottle, Tumbler or Mug For Your Drinks. Addicted to your coffee and tea? Can’t go anywhere without staying hydrated? Instead of wasting all that trash on styrafoam cups, plastic water bottles and aluminum cans, go completely green with a reusable drink container when you are on the go.

3. Recycle and Reuse Office Supplies As Much as Possible. Before you go spend-happy with shiny and cool office supplies, explore other options that can easily be done for much cheaper without wasting more limited resources. For starters, Craigslist and Facebook usuallly contain many notices from people trying to sell their used printers, scanners, computers, desks and other work-related equipment for much cheaper than the store price. Also, you can print on scratch paper for printing paper documents that aren’t that important (such as map directions, rough drafts of papers, or testing the color ink on digital photos.)

4. Remember to Shut Down Your Computer and Unplug Other Electronic Appliances. Use a power strip for all your electronic appliances, and don’t forget to turn it off when you are not using the appliances or going to sleep. You will save money on your electricity bill, and also decrease energy consumption on this planet.

5. Do a Fashion and Make-Up Swap With Friends to Update Your Fall Wardrobe. You probably have several wardrobe items that you’ve only worn twice and probably won’t wear again. Chances are your friends do, too. Swap clothes, accessories, shoes, make-up with your friends, and it will save you a tidy bundle of money that might have gone for another expensive wardrobe indulgence that might not be used much after all.

6. Go Paperless For Paying All Your Bills. We are living in an age where the paperless option exists for pretty much any service that requires paying your bills. Spare the planet all the energy and time that goes into printing envelopes and delivering mail across long distances, and save yourself the time of having to seal envelopes and lick stamps.

photo by: I Love Egg