6 Quotes That Define “What is Love?”

It’s the defining quality of the universe. It’s the elusive dream. It’s our life blood. It’s…, well the definition changes with every person you ask, but that hasn’t stopped everyone from trying to quantify it. The “it” is love, of course. What does it mean to you? How do you define it? We’re looking at love in all its shapes, forms and sizes this week on Intent Blog. So we rounded up a few quotes that tried to explain what love is to get you thinking.



Deepak Chopra likes to ask in his soul profiles, “Is the universe a noun or a verb? Are you a noun or a verb?” Why shouldn’t we ask the same question of love? Something that drives so much of humanity has to be a word of action, right?



Why else would we go through the tribulations and difficulties of life?

Great Quotes For Love


We don’t have another ability that is so divine – whether romantically, platonically or universally.



Love is those who we keep closest to us.



It’s finding joy in the smallest things.



It’s putting someone else’s needs above your own, even if that means giving them control of the remote.

What is love to you? Share your thoughts and favorite quotes in the comments below!