7 Things I Thought About This Week by Gotham Chopra

The Friday Type of Guy Series with Gotham Chopra

I’m aiming to do this thing – blog that is – regularly every Friday. Ambitious, I know. But what the heck! You’re really a no one these days unless your social network is robust, regular, and slightly renegade. In the interest of efficiency and structure, I’ve come up with a roadmap for these blogs that gives me maximum flexibility to say whatever I want. But be advised, I reserve the right to change on a moment’s notice.

7 things I thought about this week:

1. I’m a hypocrite – I love football.

Like seriously, it may be my favorite sport. I live and die by my hometown team the New England Patriots. But, I’d never let my son play football. Not pee-wee, not highschool, college, or pros. Not that my scrawny little Chindian boy could, but nevertheless. This reflection crystallized for me this week when a former Patriots player (more known for legendary career on the SD Chargers) Junior Seau died after allegedly committing suicide. His family has now apparently decided to donate his brain to a research lab to examine whether there was any connection from the repeated head trauma that he and all football players encounter and his spiral down into obvious psychological ailment that drives someone toward taking their own life. If a connection is made, it won’t be the first. Several players have already drawn the connection. Suicides, sicknesses, lawsuits. Expect to see more.

Which brings me back to my son – can’t do it. Won’t do it. Won’t let him play football. Feel sort of weird about it, because I’ll be there the first week of September either live in Foxboro or watching on my 60 inch Plasma when the Pats kickoff the new season. Apparently I won’t sacrifice my own kid, but I don’t have a problem watching other kids sacrificing theirs.

2. Shit! Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boys just died.

That sucks. The Beastie Boys were my favorite band growing up. License to Ill!!! Death sucks. I’m supposed to be comfortable with death. My dad has written several books on this. But I’m not. Not really scared of death. But scared of what it does to people. How much it hurts people left behind. Death is mysterious though. I’m curious about it. What happens to us when we die? Is that it? Full stop? Or do we continue to exist in some form? Some abstract form of consciousness. I’m vexed this. You?

3. I’m working with YouTube.

Here’s an article that explains it all better than I can. We launch our channel in July. Please subscribe to it so we don’t fall flat on our faces. I’m insecure about this, especially in light of all the great press we’re getting! I’m a fan of YouTube, not because I sit up all night watching strange user generated videos of kids biting each other’s fingers or cats playing with yarn, but because YouTube is part of (and on the front lines of) the digital media transformations. It’s all changing folks. I don’t watch TV the way I used to ten years ago. I’m an interactive media consumer and if you’re not already, you will be soon. I tweet therefore I am. I update my status. I stumble and tumble. Of late, I’m very pinterested in a lot of new stuff. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google it. Or just hang around for long enough and you will soon. It’s inevitable. Being on the inside of the digital revolution is especially cool. Working with minds much brighter than my own in the world where entertainment, media, and technology are converging is fascinating. My favorite part of all this – it drives creativity and I am a believer that creativity is the life-blood that makes the Universe evolve and grow. So I’m growing. On YouTube’s dime. Did I mention it would be great for you to subscribe here.

4. Obama 2012

Let’s get this out of the way right now. I’m an Obama guy all the way. Through and through. Fiscal conservative, but social liberal. Not the biggest fan of Democratic economic policies and firm believer in more government is a more headaches and more problems. But considering where we are in the world, considering the extreme conservative agenda that lurks behind the Republican party, there’s really nowhere else for me to go on this one. That’s not to say I’m not open to debate. I like a good street fight and I’d love for Obama to get into one and really have to earn his re-election and raise his game in general for term two.

Alas, IMHO, Josh Romney’s dad ain’t the guy (I went to highschool with Mitt Romney’s son Josh, so Mitt will forever be ‘Josh Romney’s dad’ to me). Josh’s dad isn’t a street fighter. And I’m not just saying that because he’s a Mormon. Or maybe I am. But not because Mormons believe they have some strange alien connection (Google: Kolob). Really, to me, that’s no stranger than believing in any other archaic belief system that doesn’t align with modern technology, cosmology, or what we know about the Universe. I just don’t think Romney’s Republicanism is the solution in our shrinking, flattening, heating up world.

Maybe it’s not so much Romney, it’s more Limbaugh and Tea Baggers and all the other fringe thinkers that now have no choice but to align behind Romney. Anyway, I confess, I’m still in spring training on this stuff. Just getting my legs under me. I love Presidential politics but the regular season is just now starting as the Republican primaries wrap up. Love love love polls and margins of errors and conventions and electoral votes and all the rest. So count on more of this as the summer heats up. And please bring on your opinions too. Love it.

5. Read this comic book.

It’s fantastic. Mike Carey is a great writer. A great writer. I’m obsessed with storytelling – it’s what I do. In books, comics, docs, blogs, vlogs, tweets etc. The Unwritten is about the fabric of storytelling – that nexus point where what we consider to be fact and fiction blur. It’s a story about a man who as a child was the subject of his father’s bestselling tomes. Now as an adult, the fantasies created around his fictional persona and his so-called real identity is colliding. It’s great stuff, not just because it’s skillfully written and expertly executed, but because it’s an allegory for life in general. Where is that point that the image we have of ourselves and our real selves are separate. Is there such a point? Or are we all just a projection of who we want to be? Hey – I am my father’s son, right? I think about these sorts of things. In comics, though.

6. I get frustrated.

A lot. It’s sort of a joke in my family. The whole irony of it all if you know what I mean. But then there’s this:

  • The average single cell in a human body performs 10 million functions per second to keep the body running.
  • On average, the human body is made up of 50 trillion cells…give or take a few trillion. That’s 14 0’s in 1 trillion, just so you know.
  • There are about 7 billion humans on planet earth.
  • Planet earth, one of nine planets in our solar system, is powered by the sun. The sun is one of 200-400 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Some estimates suggest there are up to 500 billion galaxies in the Universe. You can debate me if you want, but you can’t prove me wrong.
  • By the way, 70 sextillion stars in the Universe. Yeah – I just said “sextillion.” I’m not even gonna count zeros on that puppy.
  • Super string theory – the latest and greatest in the world of quantum physics – suggests that there are an infinite amount of parallel universes that exist. Wrap your head around that. It’s actually, literally impossible to do so.
  • And for what it’s worth, scientists seem to agree that we are able to see only about 5% of the Universe at present. The other 95% is made up of dark matter and dark energy.

Yeah – so there’s no rational explanation justifying the existence of a Human Being. None whatsoever.

What’s my point? Carpe Diem? Don’t sweat the small stuff? What the hell – hit on that model? Eat an extra slice?

I don’t know really. Just stating the facts. Makes you think though.

7. Celtics in 6 over the Hawks.

It’s in the bag. For the Celtics (my team), it’s about Labron and the Heat. It’s always been about Lebron and the Heat. At least since last weekend when D. Rose tore up his knee. 37 minutes until tip off for Game 4. Speaking of which, got to go.

p.s. – Next week I add video.


  1. Hi, Gotham. What if your son chooses to play football later in life? Would you stop him when apparently that is his passion?

  2. hi gotham,

    first of all, how cool that deepak chopra's said shit! (well, TYPED it..)

    second, football. competition. "fighting" to be best, better than others.."….how unhealthy!