89-Year-Old Raises Thousands on Kickstarter for Walking Cane Business


It’s never too late to start a business.

Pearl Malik is 89-years-old and recently raised $3,606 from 154 backers to fund a grassroots business making walking canes.

Pearl set up a Kickstarter fund for her project, Happy Canes, and invited her friends and family to support her initiative. The idea for her business didn’t came out of thin air, but necessity… When Pearl began experiencing vertigo a few years back, she needed a cane but was disappointed by the options. She went to the art store, bought decorations, and has since fallen in love with the process of decorating canes with flowers and other ornaments. 

Soon after, her young grandson helped her set up a Kickstarter page, and this week she met her goal. Pearl says she plans to use the money to buy a wire cutter (the scissors she’s been using hurt her fingers) and higher quality decorations.

“I want to be an example to young and old people that age shouldn’t be a barrier for what you want to do in life,” she said.