9 Keys to Reconnecting with Happiness

Happiness is not an achievement, it is our essential nature.

Love is the very fabric of our lives. Inner peace is the  essence of our soul.

So why are we unhappy?

Because we become disconnected from our essential self.

Once this basic premise is understood, you can work to re-connect to that which is already there.

Here are my nine keys to reconnecting with the happiness that is your essential nature:

1. Make a decision to be happy and let it be your top priority. Take responsibility for your happiness. It is your choice to be happy or not.   Once you set the INTENTION, happiness  becomes more readily available. You start to notice small things, like the sun rising in the morning, the birds singing in the trees, your dog happy to see you(we can learn a lot from our pets about happiness!), the smell of coffee brewing in the morning, your child’s smile.You’ll find a lot of happiness when you make a deliberate, intentional  practice to notice.

2. Put your attention, energy and focus on what is good in your life. What we focus on expands. Meditation is awareness. Become more and more aware, mindful, of all the things in your life that bring you joy. You will be surprised how much happiness is already there.

3. Make a list of all the things you are thankful  for and make you happy. Start a gratitude journal.  Write 5 things in your journal every day that you are grateful for. You will be amazed how this fills you with happiness.

4. Stop complaining and start asking. If things are not the way you like, stand in your power and ask for what you want. You may or may not get the reply you seek, but at least you asked, which is empowering. You then find yourself emboldened to search for other creative ways to improve your situation. Fortune favors the bold!

5. Search for happiness within. Create a meditation practice to remind you to stay connected to your inner happiness, peace, wisdom, creativity, love and joy. One minute a day is a good start. Happiness  grows as you nurture your inner self.

6. Drop habits of being unhappy. Sometimes we get caught in old habits of misery and negative thinking.  The more awareness you bring to yourself, the more you notice if you are suddenly stuck in an old negative habit. Your happiness practice helps you erase these old habits and build new ones.

7. Watch the mind – the root cause of unhappiness. Meditation is a good friend for you here. Be mindful of thoughts in the mind running amok into all kinds of negative outcomes. Be present to yourself through witnessing the mind and understanding that the mind knows nothing about your innate happiness. It simply repeats old patterns. As you become more present to yourself and shine the light of awareness, these old habits gradually disappear, leaving you fresh and new to experience the joy of being alive.

8. Open your mind and heart to receive. Receiving is often more unfamiliar territory than giving. Receiving makes us feel vulnerable and,  if we have been hurt a lot in the past, we do not believe that anyone loves us enough to be kind and giving towards us. Practice receiving, bringing your attention, energy and focus to how you feel when you are given something, whether it’s  a smile, a gift, a kind phone call from a friend. Savor the feeling, the thoughts, the awareness.

9. Understand that sadness, grief and pain are also a part of life. In nature, sometimes it rains and there are storms. It is not sunny all the time. Some things are not in our control. Acceptance is a key to understanding you can have both, happiness and sadness, and that happiness can be light and dark. A meditation practice will take you deeper inside to that place that embraces both your laughter and your tears, and brings you to inner peace, wisdom, and understanding.


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