A Metaphor for Healing: The Vulture and the Honeybee

landing...By Gloria Loring

I love when I am gifted with a metaphor that helps me toward a more peaceful mind. I have three books that offer uplifting ideas each morning, and the other day Sri Swami Satchidananda’s book got my attention with his words about the vulture and the honeybee.

He noted that the vulture flies higher than many birds, soars beautifully, but only casts its eyes on dead and decaying matter. A honeybee “will fly past many other things to look for even a little bit of nectar on a flower.”

This resonated with me immediately because my mind still flits to the dead and decaying memory of an event that occurred more than a year ago. It was one of the saddest and most humiliating of evenings, and I have been working to let go of it ever since. Yet the experience of it comes at me every few days. I know the person was not in their right mind, not in their true self, and I have practiced forgiveness for all of us concerned, yet there it still is, poking at me.

When I read Swmaiji’s words about the vulture, my mind flashed back to my mother admonishing this scabby-kneed daughter, “If you pick at that, it will never heal.” Just so, if I keep picking at my emotional wound of a year ago, it will never heal either. And I do want it to heal.

So I have a new tool in my healing arsenal. When my mind goes to what is dead (over and done) and should be buried, I think of myself as a vulture looking for decaying matter, (yuck) which immediately prompts me to shift to the honeybee POV, seeking the nectar that is always somewhere close by. Bzzzzzzzzzzz!

* * *

The former “Liz Chandler” on Days of Our Lives, Gloria Loring is a singer, songwriter,
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