A Response to Terrorism: 5 Ways to Bring About Change


By Michael Bianco-Splann

Once again the world is infused with a sense of horror and shock by the heinous attacks on innocent Parisians enjoying a Friday night in the City of Lights. And our collective response sensationalized by the media leads us where? The facts leading up to this attack should in no way be received as a surprise, for the endless stream of human barbarism and war has not receded in millennia. Our contemporary world order looks strikingly similar to many civilizations of the past.

What is an alternative response to terrorism? Merriam Webster defines terrorism as, “the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal.” The heart of terrorism is to get under your skin, churning a sense of dis-ease and fear.

Any response powered by fear demonstrates low frequency, low vibration and has an internal destructive nature that ripples across the collective unconscious. Let us find a better solution than more killing, more savagery and attending to the lowest human frequency.

Here are 5 ways to address terrorism to bring about change.

Quell the Fires Within

Each of us is a composite of unique attributes passed along in our DNA combined with a karmic construct, which predetermines a pathway for this lifetime. Additionally, other facets determine our inner and outer framework, including:  environmental, behavioral, geographical, religious and familial elements. These prejudices and biases govern our thoughts, intentions and ultimately the manner in which we operate in the world. The firestorms within our inner life lead us to separateness.

Human beings tend to coagulate with others of like interest, relegating those outside your belief systems as other, different and/or enemy. To build peace requires quelling the fire within. The truth is that all human beings are connected. We are more alike than dissimilar. Take the time to dig into those strongly held beliefs to imagine another point of view. Open yourself up to bridging the chasm of separateness. When we operate from this perspective, we elevate our human potential, leading us away from fear moving toward love and compassion.

Choose to Love

This means stretching beyond your inner circle of family, friends, and neighbors to include others different than you. Loving is a choice. Your inner vibration transforms when you have the courage to love rather than hate. Do not let political, social, religious and cultural differences separate you from others. A Jewish mother loves her children just as much as a Muslim mother. Change the inner dialogue.

Be Present and Real

Fear, as the leading edge of terrorism, takes us out of living where life is lived: in the present tense. Remember that fear is generally associated with future events that in all likelihood will not occur. We tend to build a fortress of what-ifs, creating dissonance and anxiety that allows a false ego to dominate our being. Take back your life by remembering to breathe. Look down at your feet. There is where you are. Be present. Be real.

Send Light and Love

Human beings are divine emissaries that have tremendous power. Realize that you hold the divine seed of grace and light. Your thoughts contribute to the undercurrent of the collective. What are your thoughts? Be aware that thoughts lead to intentions that create choices. The choices you make ultimately determine your reality. Send love and light to Paris and to the human family.

Be the Change You Want to See

Action is the cure for despair and fear. Make it your daily practice to engage in the change you want in your life. If you want friendship, be a friend. If love is lost, express yourself in loving ways. You have the power in every moment of your life to be an integral agent of positive change.  Do it!  The time is now!

biancoMichael Bianco-Splann is the author of Conscious Leadership: 7 Principles that WILL Change Your Business and Change Your Life, a wake-up call for leaders and organizations ready to gain consciousness. Michael has frontline executive leadership experience from across several industries, with the past sixteen years working within the Financial Services industry. Michael’s ability to accurately assess an organization’s strength of leadership and performance, coupled with his dynamic talent to deliver high-impact leader development training tailored to the needs of the organization provides unique and differentiated value. For more information visit www.illuminateambitions.com.