Abandon Your Comfort Zone with 30 Days of Intent

Have you ever felt like life is falling apart? Yeah, I know you have. I know I have. Standing in the Pompeian ruins of your world, sometimes all you can do is laugh. This happened, that happened, he said this, she did that. Something broke, someone died. You got lost. It’s painful and absurd, like a big cosmic prank. You can laugh, and you can cry. Or, you can grab your life by the scruff of its capricious neck and kick your boots into action.

30 Days of Intent, a new show from The Chopra Well, is a story of spiritual discovery.

It is a story of joy, pain, inspiration and exploration. It an example of what a spiritual journey can look like – who and where to turn when things fall apart or when you need some TLC and a shock of reality. The series features soccer star Natalie Spilger and YouTube personality Iman Crosson as they dig deep into their own desires, fears and limiting beliefs. As the series’ producers write, 30 Days shows these two intrepid soul-explorers “enduring experiences and gaining tools that range from spiritual psychology, to healing horse therapy, underwater massage, orgasmic meditation, and reflections on death, dying, and past lives. 30 Days of Intent is unlike any other make-over show anywhere.”

Deepak Chopra guides Natalie and Iman as they visit wellness experts and experiment with a range of healing techniques. Many of these experts also write for intentblog or will begin blogging in the coming weeks. The Chopra Well’s name reminds us that we are all wells of love and knowledge to which others may reach out for support and inspiration. But healing and transformation start within. This is not a simple trip to the doctor (not even to Dr. Chopra.) I have learned that in order to thrive, I must first take the reins and decide to be healthy. Decide to be full of life and love. Decide to be spiritually, emotionally and intellectually fulfilled.

This charge reminds me of a fateful summer I had a few years back. In a matter of months I fell out with two of my best friends, ended a five-year relationship, and lost my grandmother. Oh, and I left college, too. Did I wallow? You bet. Question my purpose and the meaning of life? Most energetically. But I also lived a year of discovery. Many great works of literature passed through my hands. I challenged myself by traveling solo across the world and daring to be lonely. I asked big questions and engaged in rich, frustrating conversations with people I met along the way. What masks do I hide behind? Is the starry sky beautiful and exquisite in itself, or is it just a reflection of the miracle of my own existence? What is love? What am I afraid of?

California called me home eventually. I returned to school, revived my friendships, and organized a family reunion to scatter my grandmother’s ashes. If there is anything 30 Days of Intent teaches us, it’s the wisdom of abandoning our comfort zones. Plunge into the abyss of fear, curiosity and uncertainty that spreads out before us.  Welcome the healing born of discomfort.

Natalie and Iman learn orgasmic meditation in one episode. You may prefer an intimate night with your journal, or a chat with a long-estranged friend. Now might be the time to tackle that peak you’ve always wanted to reach but never thought yourself strong enough to climb. Whatever you need to do, do it with sass and spirit. After all, personal transformation translates into global transformation. And we’re fostering a planet of self-empowered, spiritual superheroes. (Feel free to put that on your business card.)

What do you want to work through? What questions do you have? Which mentors and healers will you turn to? As an animal-lover, I’m looking forward to the episode in which Natalie and Iman experience equine therapy. I know how transformative our relationships with animals can be.

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  1. I am really looking forward to seeing this series.. I am honoured to have 3 amazing and talented friends involved in the production .. sending my love and support to everyone involved. 🙂