As Above So What?!

Did you feel ambivalent about the hard-sell, materially-driven style


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As Above So What?!

Did you feel ambivalent about the hard-sell, materially-driven style of “The Secret”? If so, check out the new book by my friend Maja D’Aoust (Co-edited with Adam Parfrey), The Secret Source: The Law of Attraction is One of Seven Hermetic Laws: Here Are the Other Six. The Secret Source discloses the occult doctrines and the modern mystic mid-wifery that gave birth to “The Law of Attraction” and inspired the media phenomenon known as “The Secret”.

Sure, the law of attraction is a Universal Law, but not “THE” law, and Prosperity Consciousness is nothing new. And neither are without their dangers. The Secret Source traces the seven Hermetic Laws back to ancient Egypt and Greece, showing how they filtered through various religions and into the mainstream consciousness of our modern world. Maja and Adam wade through my favorite cast of characters and themes, including but not limited to the Rosacrucians, the Freemasons, Mesmer, Hermes Trisgmegistus, Thoth, Enochian Magick, the Tetrgrammaton, and much more.

This book presents the actual texts and hidden stories behind the likes of the “Emerald Tablet,” and the Kabbalistic treatise known as “The Kybalion.” The beliefs of the New Thought movement that have given generations of sustenance to health and wealth seekers throughout time are exposed through the works of Wallace Wattles, Napoleon Hill and the Carnegies.

Not be missed is the chapter entitled “Horny Angelic Beings”. Now, before you too excited, I’ll warn that you won’t be reading a saucy account of Raphael getting it on with the Daughters of Man while the Nephilim videotape. Although personally I must admit I’ve always been a bit hot for Zadkiel and his abiltity toss my atomic salad, bringing my molecules into perfected frequency with his song of the violet flame. Sorry readers. I couldn’t help myself. After all, Maja is the archetypal sexy librarian of the Philosophical Research Society. PRS and its’ amazing library of esoteric manuscripts was founded by Manly P. Hall (sage and author of The Secret Teachings of All Ages), and the society’s main mission is to provide thoughtful persons rare access to the depth and breadth of the world’s wisdom literature. Parfrey runs Process Media and Feral House, publisher of high-quality books on forbidden topics.

Check out:

The Secret Source at Process Media (also avail on amazon)

The Philosophical Research Society

and Feral House