Accessing The Real YOU

Merrie Lynn Ross & Dr. Dain Heer
The Bars Class

As a child advocate and creator of Morph America and Peace Smarts curriculums, I seek out effective healing techniques and practical ways to empower children to feel at Peace, to thrive, and to learn to think both logically and creatively. I recently attended an Access Consciousness training, The Bars, led by Dr. Dain Heer, author of “Being You, Changing The World”.  He’s a renowned chiropractor who travels the globe teaching thousands of seekers to generate infinite possibilities and dynamic change. The tools taught can be applied to any age, including children, and can help reduce stress and inform parents to ‘know that anything is possible’.

Dr. Dain, as he is fondly called, offered valuable tips…to accept yourself as the great being you are, capable of change, and to witness your children with that knowing. He grew up autistic with OCD, and informed the class: “I have so many thoughts at once that I really have to concentrate to get my sentences out.” He is delightfully spontaneous, accessible, and clearly communicative. He attributes Access Consciousness as the reason he is still on the planet – that it uprooted chronic depression and gave him a will to live.

With cameras rolling at the global streaming event, Dr. Dain, a slim, GQ handsome guy, delivered his message with a lighthearted intensity. “All of us have doubts, fears, and limitations. Imagine whatever is happening, good, bad or indifferent in your life that you asked, How does it get better than that?” Intrigued by the open-ended question, my mind raced as I gazed around the room, lined with white-linen colored beds and cots, reminiscent of a spa or overnight camp with 100 enthusiastic participants. I felt a playful time was on the agenda.

Bars training is a hands on touch technique using 32 energy points on the head that hold the electrical charge of thoughts, ideas, emotions, and beliefs have been stored for a lifetime. Experiential practice sessions led by Dr.Dain posed Socratic questions, generating awareness, fresh perspectives, and new ways of thinking about various topics: hope and dreams, money issues, manifestation, communication, healing, sexuality, sadness were some of the topics. Regarding heath issues Dain asked, “What if you felt joy at the thought of changing your body rather than stressing over it? And what if you asked your body, “What it needs now? Wow! Socratic, open-ended questions are infused at the heart of Access Consciousness. Feeling attuned with it, I dropped judgments, and participated with a beginner’s mind – open, receptive, and curiously involved.

Some of the ideas or questions are phrased counterintuitively, apparently to jar and unglue stuck experiences, emotions, or erroneous beliefs. I can attest to the result of that questioning. The woman who I was partnered with to practice the Bars technique was releasing pent-up emotions with sighs and moans, until all of the tension seemed to float out of her body. It’s amazing that in a few minutes of running Bars or pressure points she was totally relaxed and serene.

A particularly intriguing Bar tool called the Aging Toaster helps to change the view of aging. It deals with considerations, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, attitudes, and emotions held regarding old age, dying or worries about your body falling apart. The Bar pressure points are at the top of the skull, inline with the inside corner of the eye and other the middle of the ear. Simply place the back of you hands on top of your head, finger tips facing each other, and apply a gentle pressure for several minutes, allowing the energy activation to take place. You may feel heat, tingling, relaxed, or nothing measurable. I felt joyous at the thought of altering aging and conquering of the fear of becoming decrepit or useless.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I committed to practice Aging Toaster, and I’ll keep you posted as to the results. Why not give it go for yourself? Whether you’re twenty something or a baby boomer, it’s not too early or too late. Do you feel lighter or happier at the thought of creating a healthy body and mind? The moment we decide to do something and we open to infinite possibility a placebo effect is ignited into play. The placebo is scientifically proven to have efficacy in healing disease. I welcome the notion of continued vitality, physical energy, new ideas, fresh thoughts, and a happier Me.

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Merrie Lynn Ross is an award winning filmmaker/actor (daytime’s first comedienne, child advocate, and best selling author of 8 books.