After 115 Years Together, Giant Turtle Couple Calls it Quits

The world’s longest animal marriage appears to have gone sour at the Austrian zoo.

The zoo’s two giant turtles, Bibi and Poldi, who have been living together longer than most people have been alive (115 years) are ready to bite one another’s head off. Literally.

According to Time, Miss Bibi recently started attacking her partner by biting off chunks of his shell, prompting zoo officials to put the two in separate cages. One zoo official, Helga Happ, told reporters: “We get the feeling they can’t stand the sight of each other anymore.” Ya think?

Although Giant Turtle have no teeth, experts say that their powerful jaws can be fatal in a fight. And because of that, the staff members aren’t taking any chances. “We have staff talking to and trying to engage the two in interacting,” said Happ. “We were told that it’s very rare that after so many years animals who are a pair will fall apart, but we hope we can bring round a reconciliation.”

photo by: Reemul