All About Moms (Mostly): 5 Articles on Stress, Babies, and Parenting

Deciding whether or not to become a parent is one of life’s big decisions. For some, it’s a no-brainer. For others, it entails months, even years, of agonizing doubt and hesitation. Parenting isn’t for everyone. And for those who do choose that path, it will undoubtedly become the hardest, if potentially most rewarding, experiences of their lives. But first, says the media, lose that pregnancy weight! (Just kidding.)

So many moms are overextended and often exhausted. How much do you really know about stress and how it affects your life?

What’s Your Stress IQ? (Care2)

When celebrities are down to a size 4 just weeks after giving birth, the media applauds their discipline. When they’re still curvy and soft like every other normal post-pregnancy woman, the media attacks them. Go figure.

Celebrities Who Don’t Lose Baby Fat Fast Enough Face Backlash (YahooShine)

After this weekend’s scandal surrounding certain politicians’ takes on rape and abortion, it’s good to reflect on how our country really feels about the issue, and what we can do as parents and citizens.

I’m Doing My Best Not To Raise Rapists (Mommyish)

What do you do if you’re reaching the end of your fertility, don’t have a partner, and haven’t had kids? This woman’s friend tells her to forget about love and have a baby on her own. But maybe love is worth waiting for, after all.

Childless So Far: Why I Choose Love Over Motherhood (HuffPost)

And we know we said this would be all about moms, but here is a dad’s cute reflection on the two years since his daughter’s birth.

The 5 Dumbest Things I Did in My First Two Years as a Father (HuffPost)

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