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The strongest evidence against the Big Bang is that the observed behavior of the universe including its accelerated expansion, uniformity of the background radiation, and dark energy can be explained without any explicit consideration of time (beginning, evolution, and ending or cycling) as revealed by the Holistic Relativity, which also provides answers to the ultimate questions of life and spirituality.

Prof. Geoffrey Burbidge, University of California, San Diego, concludes:

“By showing the way that a standard model has evolved (always starting with a big bang), I hope that by now that I have provided enough evidence for a reasonable person to conclude that there is no particularly compelling reason why one should so strongly favor a standard model universe starting with a beginning rather than an alternative approach, apart from the fact that it is always easier to agree with the majority rather than to disagree. This sociological effect turns out to be actually extremely powerful in practice, because as time has gone on young cosmologists have found that if they maintain the status quo they stand a much better chance of getting financial support, observational facilities and academic positions, and can get their (unobjectionable) papers published.”

The Holistic Relativity (HR) unifies Einstein’s theory of general relativity and the observed spontaneity (consciousness) that predicts the observations of the universe that originally led to the birth of the Big Bang theory. Holistic Relativity theory has been documented in two peer reviewed papers in the Journal of Physics Essays and in the book – The Hidden Factor. In addition to predicting the observed behavior of the universe, HR resolves the outstanding paradoxes of quantum mechanics (QM), explains its inner working mechanistically in terms of relativity theory, and predicts non-locality and accelerated universe expansion deterministically.

The revelations of HR are also consistent with the fundamental aspects of secular or genuine spirituality such as non-duality, free will, and universal consciousness. HR also provides simple and deterministic answers, discussed below, to the ultimate questions that humanity is searching for. Since many of the answers may be counterintuitive and different from the mainstream thinking, they may raise further questions or disbelief. Hence, I request the reader to keep an open mind keeping away from the most commonly prevailing mindset of the mainstream thinking to allow a fresh approach to understand the eternal universe devoid of Big Bang, evolution, and big crunches or cycles.


1. Did the Universe Have a Beginning?
The universe as a whole has no unique time or clock, which is only a relative entity within and only within the frame of reference of the matter in the universe, which is shown to be only 4% of the contents of the universe. Rest significant 96% is dark energy/ matter beyond time. Hence, there is no absolute or unique time of beginning, ending, or the evolution of the universe as a wholesome entity.

2. When and from where it all came into being?
Since the universe has no one clock or time as such, it just exists eternally without coming or going out of existence. The questions of when and from where arise only for an observer within the frame of reference of matter (4% only). The observer in the frame of reference (96%) of dark energy or dark matter is not even aware of such a question. The common misunderstanding about the creation, evolution, and death of the universe is an artifact of the mistaken identity of the matter in the universe as the entire universe. The concept of creation/creator, both in the mainstream science and religion, is flawed since it is solely limited to the creation of matter or body and not the universal consciousness (96% of the universe) that is eternal beyond space/time.

3. How far it extends?
Just as time, space or distance is a relative entity and not absolute as far as the universe as a whole is concerned. The fixed space and time exist only relative to the observer in the frame of reference of the matter (only 4%). Just as the universe exists eternally, it also exists omnipresently (or beyond space/time).

4. What is its future?
Again, time and evolution are relative to the matter, which is only 4%. The one wholesome universe has no beginning, past or future. As Einstein said- “Time is an illusion.”

5. What is its purpose?
The purpose of the 4% material or visible or measurable universe is to provide objective evidence for humans to use as a clue or stepping stone to facilitate their search for the ultimate or wholesome reality about the rest 96% of the universe. Matter is only a stepping stone to step into the consciousness or the ultimate reality. This would allow a complete understanding of the 100% of the universe and answers to the questions below.

6. Who are we and why are we here?
We are a small replica of the whole universe with all its features including matter, mind, and consciousness.
We are here so as to allow the wholesome truth about the universe and its existence to become manifested. The universe is manifested thru us – our bodies, minds, and consciousness. If we were not here, such manifestation may not be possible.

7. Is there a creator – God?
The universe exists at its own as a wholesome eternal existence representing an all inclusive creator, creation, and creativity, and what ever else one can perceive and beyond. Fragmenting the wholesome universe into a distinct creator separate from the rest is again an illusion in the frame of reference of the matter/mind (separated from the whole) having fixed space and time. The concepts of separate creator and creation have no wholesome universal meaning or existence. The universe is an eternal cosmos (not a chaos) with certainty and order governed by the eternal and omnipresent natural laws.

8. What can we learn about our own lives from the universe?
All the above. When we realize the above realities, it provides meaning and purpose of the eternal existence of the universe within us. We come to the realization of the true self – who we are. Beyond our mortal bodies, we are eternal and one wholesome existence. That realization liberates us from the threat of bodily death, mental suffering, and meaninglessness. In a nutshell, the realization of the ultimate reality fulfills our lives.

In summary, the Big Bang theory has been holding the modern science a prisoner within the prison of the inanimate unconscious matter or materialism. The mainstream science is only beginning to define what consciousness is and so far has limited its investigations primarily to the neurobiological consciousness. The concept of the universal consciousness as proposed (The Hidden Factor) and formulated by Holistic Relativity may be a viable consideration by the mainstream science to provide new intuitive solutions to the paradoxes of the current theories and to solve to the ultimate mysteries common to both science and spirituality.

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