Why You Should Always Keep Walking


Nobody ever said life was fair……..

Nobody ever said life was just…….. 

Okay, maybe they did, but they were pretty stupid. 

And they never got anywhere in life.

Truth is, life is not very fair at all.  That’s why we are having revolutions in different parts of the world right now.   

That’s why we have always had revolts ….. throughout the history of mankind.  

Fact is: 

Truth does not ALWAYS win out. 

Justice does not ALWAYS prevail.

Right does not ALWAYS win over wrong.

Sometimes the bad guys really do win ……… and get the last laugh.

Great riches do not ALWAYS go to the smartest and hardest working among us.

The best-selling authors are not always the best writers.

The Grammy does not always go to the best musician.

The Oscar does not always go to the best actor.

The contract does not always go to the lowest bidder.

So what are we to do? 

Crawl under a rock and die?

Moan and weep and seek counseling?

Get drunk?

Get drugs?

Get laid?

Go to church?



Ok, sometimes all of the above ……….  and not necessarily in that order. 

 But in the final analysis, all we can do is acknowledge that the world does not revolve around us and our petty wants and needs and desires.

 When we find ourselves face down in the dirt, all we can do is slowly stand up, dust ourselves off, wipe our tears and slowly put one foot in front of the other. 

 And look up toward the horizon. 

Yes, that’s it.  Pick a point on the horizon, and start walking towards it. 

 Yes, just one foot ……… now the other.

 That’s it.

 And keep walking.

Even though your feet are bleeding, and blistered and bruised.

 Keep walking.

 And keep looking up toward the horizon.

Not at your feet.

Not at those who have gotten in your way.

Not at those who have knocked you down.

Not at how far you’ve come.

But ahead to where you are going.

Focus on it.

Form a picture of it in your mind.

Yes, cement that picture firmly in your mind so that after the sun goes down and you can longer see it, you can still see with your mind’s eye.  

So that you can keep walking, guided only by the stars and the light of the moon.       

And when someone asks why you keep walking, you just look at them and smile, and point your finger toward your goal and say “THAT” is the reason.

And keep walking.  

Even if “they” can’t see what you see.

And keep laughing.

And crying.

And persevering.

Because only you know the reason.

You will always keep walking.

Dan Castro is the award-winning author of HIDDEN SOLUTIONS ALL AROUND YOU:  Why Some People Can See Them and Some Can’t.  He is also an attorney, and a serial entrepreneur who has built a law firm, a real estate brokerage, a property management company, a loan servicing company, a marketing company, a real estate investment company, and a real estate investing boot camp, and a swing trading class.  For more information visit www.HiddenSolutions.com.