Watch as This Little Boy Realizes What Meat is for the First Time and Decides to Become Vegetarian

It seems like the vegetarian-carnivore war has been waging for decades, with arguments on various sides ranging from the environment to protein intake to spiritual purity to taste. Sometimes, though, the motivations that inspire diet and lifestyle habits spring from a deeper, more primal place in our beings – regardless of what direction that might take you in.

This incredible and inspiring video, captured on the mother’s Android, documents a young boy’s first realization that the food on his plate was once a living animal. He asks his mom, “Where is the octopus’ head? Why do animals have to die for us to eat them?” In the brief moments it takes for this reality to sink in, young Luis Antonio decides then and there never to eat meat again. Though we can’t see her, Luis’ mother responds to him lovingly when the boy asks her why she is crying. “I’m not crying,” she says. “I’m just touched by you.”

Watch this amazing moment:

The original video, without subtitles

With subtitles