Ginger for Healthier Hair

Here is a surprising fact: Ginger powder, a common staple in most kitchen cabinets, can help you have healthier hair! Considered one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurveda, ginger is known to have stimulating and anti-inflammatory properties that increase circulation and help your hair grow faster. For those with thinning hair issues, ginger helps send nutrients in the blood to the hair follicles and can even act as a fertilizer to help give hair a growth spurt.

If you take a look at the ingredients in many popular natural shampoos, you’ll likely see ginger oil as an ingredient. But as long as you have ginger powder at home, you can simply add it to a carrier (like coconut oil or honey) to make a paste that will enhance hair growth, revitalize your hair, and give your hair an added shine and luster. For an extra-special concoction, try adding other essential oils like lavender, jojoba, or rosemary oil.

To learn more about ginger and hair health, we spoke to Rick Wellman, co-owner of Patrick Melville Salon in New York and one of the most prestigious celebrity hair colorists in the fashion industry about how he uses ginger in his work:

Rick, your list of celebrity clients is extensive! Any simple, healthy hair tips you use on your clients that our readers can try at home?

As a hair color specialist, I am firm believer that a healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair. I have tested ginger powder on myself and many clients by stirring a teaspoon into their favorite deep conditioning masque. I have found ginger powder aids in scalp circulation, benefiting those with thinning hair issues and even acting as a fertilizer to help give hair a growth spurt!

When did you first learn about Wakaya Perfection’s ginger powder and how do you use it personally?

I first learned about Wakaya Perfection when my client, Jennifer Halliday, was kind enough to give me a sample (actually, a nice big jar!)

Is there a way to use powdered ginger or other natural products, like coconut oil or honey, in any homemade beauty regimens or hair care?

The ginger powder can also easily be mixed with other natural products, such as coconut oil for extra shine or honey for moisture.

You’ve developed an innovative coloring technique that uses 100% biodegradable cotton pads instead of foil for hair coloring. What are the benefits of using cotton over foil?

I did develop a unique highlighting method called Biolights, using 100% biodegradable cotton pads in place of aluminum foil. The cotton has many benefits as it creates a less aggressive lightening reaction, reducing overprocessed strands, resulting in healthier hair. Not to mention aluminum has been removed from many beauty regimens as it can be hazardous to one’s system. Clients also rave about the comfort and ease of the application.

What’s your favorite dish to use ginger powder in? Can you share a simple recipe with us?

I am a horrible cook, but a big fan of juicing. I add the ginger powder to any of my juice concoctions to give it a little extra flavorful spice, which also seems to help in my digestion. The ginger powder even makes beet juice (yuck) taste good!


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This post is the first in a series of interviews with a variety of food, wellness, and beauty experts on the benefits of ginger and the many ways to use it. We’ll be sharing recipes, health, and beauty tips with you that are unique to each expert’s specialty. 

Photo credits: Rick WellmanWakaya Perfection