Are we alone in the Universe?

In today’s episode of The Rabbit Hole, a new mind-expanding series on The Chopra Well, Deepak Chopra addresses this question and leaves us with some interesting food for thought. The potential for other lives forms outside planet Earth has captivated people for centuries. What’s really out there? Aliens? Parallel universes? Nothing at all?

With billions of stars and galaxies and trillions of planets out in ‘space’, Deepak notes it would be remarkable if there weren’t other life forms outside of Earth. Then again, given the singularity of this planet compared with what we know of the others in our solar system, it would be incredible to discover life, as we know it, elsewhere.

Right now, galaxies billions of light years away are colliding, moving, and tumbling into dark matter. New stars are born; old stars die; and given the size of the universe and the limited speed of light, we likely won’t even know about an event until many years after the fact. So even if, say, there were a parallel universe with human-like creatures walking around, shopping in supermarkets, and chatting about the latest political debates, we might never discover it. (If it’s out there, let’s hope they’ve built a much more sustainable and peace world than we have!)

Consider this… Are you comfortable with uncertainty? Might contemplation and discussion on the question be enough? Deepak offers an alternative way of approaching the matter – one that might surprise you. More compelling than the question of life on other planets, he says, is the consciousness that allows us to even ponder such mysteries. Human awareness is, itself, a miracle and a world unto itself. This is the real mystery of the Universe.

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