Are You a Perfect Parent?

How about a perfectly imperfect one?

This February The Chopra Well launches our new family-centered show, PERFECTLY IMPERFECT PARENTS. Consider it your go-to for thoughtful, realistic parenting advice, with a twist of humor.

Three Los Angeles mothers (a pediatrician, an entrepreneur and a comic) sit down to compare notes and share stories from their challenges, successes and failures in parenting. Host Mallika Chopra is the driving force behind the website and has authored two books on parenting. Dani Klein Modisett is a writer, actress, and comic who created the live show “Afterbirth,” which has been running in Los Angeles for eight years. And Dr. Cara Natterson M.D. is a pediatrician who has authored several medical and parenting books, the latest an update and expansion of the best-selling American Girl book entitled The Care and Keeping of You.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 1.31.14 PMAs these three moms strive to raise balanced, respectful and happy children, they all face similar challenges, but with a slightly different approach. Every episode tackles a unique issue of family life, with plenty of tips and humor interspersed. How do you instill children with a sense of community responsibility? Do you allow smart phones? How about sleepovers? And how do you broach the subject of sex with squeamish adolescents?

The show launches on February 7, with an episode on bullying. This issue has featured heavily in the news recently, especially with celebrity coverage from the likes of Lady Gaga and Jennifer Garner. The hosts discuss the prevalence of bullying and what parents can do to ensure their kids’ positive school experience. Not to miss!

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