Are you afraid to die?

“If it were possible to have an astrologer tell you the date of your last living day, would you want to know?” 

That is the question I posed to readers here at Intentblog last week. I went on to tell the story of a reading I had while in India from an Indian astrologer who told me the year and the cause of my death. At the time of the reading, I was horrified and wondered if it was irresponsible of this astrologer to provide me with such information, if in fact he really had a way of knowing such a thing. I asked my readers what they thought: “Was this astrologer irresponsible when he told me when I was going to die?”

The blog was posted on and shared on my Facebook page.  A comment I received from Paul Loverde on Facebook startled me, and I realized I was having a very “western” reaction to my astrological reading.  Paul was kind enough to give me permission to share his comment with you.

Paul Loverde:

Western astrologers usually won’t, but (and I say this from a less than firm footing….) what you may have encountered was a different cultural view of death. A Hindu might not have the same approach to death as someone from the West, since reincarnation is generally accepted as a fact. So death might not be so sad, and a Hindu may appreciate the advanced warning to get his/her affairs in order. I have found that Indian astrologers tend to be more likely than Western astrologers to make hard, precise predictions. Some charts clearly show a possible date for death, but the custom is to be tactful and give a warning of the nature of the event, rather than to fix it in someone’s mind that a certain event is to happen on a certain date. Western astrology emphasizes that celestial events show trends and likelihoods but fate is in the hands of the individual (in an Earthly and/or spiritual level…). SOOOOO, you can go ahead and prove him wrong.

Paul’s words jolted my memory to another day in India when I young man told me, “We do not fear death because we believe in reincarnation.”  His words have remained with me, as I could see that he and I had very different feelings about death. As a child, I had a terrible fear of death. The religion in which I was brought up made the fire of fear burn brighter as I was told emphatically that if I was not a good girl, I would go to hell.

This dialogue between Paul and me brought up questions that go way beyond the subject of astrology.   These questions are about all of us, no matter where we are from,  and our thoughts about our mortality.

Questions For You

To what extent do our beliefs about what will happen when we die affect our feelings about death?  To what extent does a belief in heaven make us feel more comfortable about dying?  If we believe we will be reincarnated do we have less fear of death?  Or if we believe that death is the end of us in spirit as well as in body, is our fear greater or less?

As I ask you for your thoughts on death and dying, I will also share my own thoughts.  As mentioned, I was extremely fearful of death most of my childhood and early adulthood.  As I reached my more mature years, I had the experience of visions of spirits who have passed on, and someone suggested to me that I might be a medium.  Quite frankly, at that time I did not know what a medium was.

To make a long story short,  I had the privilege of studying with some incredible teachers both in the United States and at the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Research in Stansted, England. The result of my studies and my ongoing understanding of communication with those who have passed on, is that my fear of death is lessoned in comparison to what I felt as a child.   Now it is not so much dying that I fear, but NOT living. I have so many things I want to do: books to write, music to compose, people to spend time with. I fear losing the time I need to do all these things, but I do not fear death itself anymore.

Please join me with your thoughts about death and the reasons why you feel the way you do. What do you think influences the way you feel: your family, your culture, your friends?


Carole Lynne

photo by: Ray Ordinario


  1. My feelings on the subject of "Dying are very contraversial at the moment. I am a spiritualist and as such I have always felt that death held no fear for me, that it would be an exciting adventure when the time comes. Well I have now had to face the prospect of dying long before I am ready to face it. I find myself thinking of all the things I never got to do. I am missing my family much more than I ever have, most of whom are in the UK. I agree, "Death does not scare me, only not living". Love and Light to all from Angel Spirit

  2. No. I have been graced by God or Spirit. I KNOW there is so much love and peace and joy. I am now trying to figure out how to feel that way. And live this wonderful life.

  3. Prior to my mom’s death, I panicked at the thought of there being a vast, dark void between us when she left this earth. Nothing could have prepared me for the experience I encountered — a “visitor” who came to me as an incorporeal messenger –the night she passed away. It was a spiritual ally who presented himself to me, almost like the phenomenon of the Annunciation. It was an overwhelming and powerful moment in my life and I realize now that this entity must be a part of my life I couldn’t possibly have imagined. Despite being shattered with grief, I realized that my whole world view had shifted, and I was far more confident that there seemed to be an alternate dimension of reality where we journey. Not long afterward I saw a special puppet show of Dante and Beatrice being escorted across the River Styx by Charon and I was deeply moved by the allegory. I’m not totally certain or confident about what awaits me after death, but I have more curiosity about it than fear, now.

  4. I personally would love to know when my death would occur. In 2011, I had my husband die, one week later my mother, and then just a few months later my best friend. I think that if the time of death were known, that people (me included) would have so many less regrets, as the reality that a loved one will not be with us forever in a bodily form is realized. It would also allow me the time and motivation to do what I know needs done before my death. I think that I am influenced by my experiences of the last year.

  5. I am not afraid to die. My wife died 3 years ago. She died with grace and peacefully in my arms. The moment she passed I could no longer see or feel my wife. I saw a shell a body. The soul left.
    I have been looking for answers since that time. My wife, Colleen (Collini as I would call her) was very spiritual and a gifted healer. She told before she died (she even wrote it down): the key is to forgive (she had a deep issue with her family as they even left her alone to die) and all there was and is, is love. She told me not to fear as she would be going to a good place and that hell as people like to refer to was not there where she would be going but it was here on earth. She stated and I witnessed it that she during meditations had experienced what it could be. Unfortunately I do not have the same spiritual intelligence that she has and neither have I got the mind-set/ability to get that experience. But I firmly believe that we continue to go on, that we are here on this world to play a 'role' and that once our mission is complete that we move on.Because I believe that when I pass my Collini will be waiting, (continued)

    1. I agree with your wife Colleen: forgiving is the most important process in life. I also agree that there is no hell. When, as a psychic medium, I communicate with the consciousness of those who have left the body, I have never seen the typically described "hell." What I do sense is a living realm where all are helped to evolve spiritually.

    2. Hi Peter,
      I am so sorry on the departing of your wife. I just have to share what I know about astrology, spirits, etc. as I had been a seeker for many, many years and followed the Hindu and Buddhist paths until I found Jesus Christ, the only living God who WAS resurrected and wherever two or more are together, He is in their presence. I have experienced this where I found nothing with the Eastern cultures. I went to astrologers. They are not the CREATOR, they are created by God. They and the demons know things. They take a little truth and a lot of lies. There is no such thing as Reincarnation and it says it clearly in the NT. I know, there is so much dispute about that. There is a Hell and a Heaven. Many people have been taken to both, purposely to return to earth and SHARE with Jesus has shown them. go to and there are many more like that. There are 3 heavens and astrologists, etc etc and others mingle on the second heaven with demons and angels, fighting for our lives but Jesus reigns and I have received Him into my heart and He lives and guides me with the HOly Spirit! and will never leave or forsake me. He died on the Cross for my Freedom. and took all my sins; past, present and future to the Cross, an innocent man taking on sins of the whole world so we can walk in Freedom and not be condemned or guilty by anyone when you ask Him into your heart! Praise God! You can study online the different key words from Jesus himself to learn the truth!

  6. I feel the fear of death is put into to us, so many religion claiming that they know the truth and have all of the facts, so many 'guru's' claiming to have all of the right answers and so many spiritual people claiming to have direct lines to the afterlife. I believe we all pick the truth what is convenient to us. But ultimate I must admit the total 'concept' is a total mindboggling (by lack of any other decent words) situation and it does not get any easier as the more answers you get the more questions it will raise.
    The Axiom that I have accepted is the fact that I will 'see' my wife when I pass. That is all I need. The wealth one has been accumulating has to be left behind and should be used for a good cause but without demanding or wanting recognition for it.
    The question remains are we afraid of death or are we afraid of how we are going to die?

  7. I struggle with the Buddhist view of re-incarnation when spiritualists speak of continuing in spirit. I am somewhat confused. My mother died 8 years ago and was a spiritualist who experience a near death earlier in life. I expected to see my mother in spirit or hear her, after she died. And yet nothing, I am really struggling with the truth about our existence, and what happens after we die. Thank you for your thoughts Carole Lynne.

    1. You are right Sophie,
      There is NO after-life, it is an allusion. There is a Heaven and a Hell and the path is narrow and people don't like to hear that because they want to be in charge. Yes we were given a Free Will to make godly choices or lustful, earthly choices which are very temporary anyway. Godly choices are forever and forever and we get to go to Heaven, yes the path is narrow. Jesus Christ is the Savior of Mankind and took ALL our sins, past, present and future to Calvary. Sounds so simple and people want complicated answers. But this is the truth , everything else is man-made and satan isthe biggest liar and the father of all lies. He gives people what they want to hear so they can feel they have power. We only have the power that God has Allowed us to have in any given situation. Don't fool yourself. We should be grateful moment by moment that we have life, God can blot us out in a New York heartbeat. Read the Word New and Old Testament for answers to life, especially Psalms and Porverbs.

  8. I struggle with the Buddhist view of re-incarnation when spiritualists speak of continuing in spirit. I am somewhat confused. My mother died 8 years ago and was a spiritualist who experience a near death earlier in life. I expected to see my mother in spirit or hear her

    1. Really? You "expected". Honestly I am amazed that you have not then. Primarly because I would almost be certain your mind would have created the scenrio for you either in a dream or in some other way. The problem is, you will never be sure if what you experience if it does happen is real or something your mind created from need.

  9. Yes I would want to know if they could tell me how I would die. I am not scared of death. I know now there are worse things then death. If you think about it, you will be dead far longer then you were ever alive. That makes life an unnatural state of being human. The more natural state is to not be in this plain of existance.